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New York City attack: Did Sayfullo Saipov act alone?

According to authorities, Sayfullo Saipov, 29, said he intended to kill as many people as possible and “felt good” about mowing people down on a bicycle path.

After Tuesday’s terrorist attack in New York City that left eight people dead and several others injured, we heard words of wisdom from New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio and New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo. Do politicians ever think before they speak? They open their mouths with comments that make them look even dumber than they are. Both guys are as corrupt as it gets, but that’s another story.

De Blasio said it was a cowardly act against innocent civilians. Really Mr. Mayor, thank you for that revelation. All terrorist acts are cowardly and targeted against innocent civilians.

Cuomo told New Yorkers to go on with their business because they had no information that any other attack was imminent. Another ignorant remark. How did he know that? After all they had no intelligence the terrorist attack on the bike path was imminent.

One police officer did shoot the Radical Islamic terrorist, but that was after he had already crashed into a school bus and drove the length of sixteen city blocks causing death and destruction along the way.

New York officials, including Mayor De Blasio, speaking to the media

I’m waiting for Mayor DeBlasio and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to push for legislation to ban pick-up trucks in New York City. After all, if pick-up trucks had been banned the attack would never have occurred, but then again, he could have used any other vehicle.

Law enforcement was once again blindsided by another terrorist attack and once again the public screams as to why these attacks can occur without law enforcement and the intelligence services knowing about it.

The same people who want to know why another catastrophe happened are the same voices who oppose the Patriot Act, the surveillance of mosques, and other measures. If it were radical Christians or radical Jews committing these same terrorist attacks, then it would be an entirely different matter.

The media will talk to neighbors and friends of the attacker and it will be the same old story. He was a nice guy, never had a problem with him or as one neighbor called him, a peacemaker. He could have sat down on his computer and become radicalized by reading material from any number of Radical Islamic websites that permeate the web.

Apparently with all the technology available to the NSA and the U.S. Cyber Command, they can’t shut down or disrupt sites run by ISIS, Al-Qaeda or other terrorist groups. Or is it that they keep those sites up for intelligence purposes? Maybe the hacker group, Anonymous, can do much better.

This guy wasn’t Middle Eastern, his roots are in Uzbekistan. The color of one’s skin is also not a factor. Both white and black Americans have become radicalized and committed terrorist acts.

We are living in a new world.

One person can attack and kill any number of people, whatever their motivation is, simply because it’s easy to do. We are told that happened in Las Vegas, Nevada on Oct. 1 when 58 people were murdered and over 500 injured.

Whether or not someone supported or encouraged them to do an attack is another matter. Only a competent investigation will prove that.

I don’t like loose ends, never have. One person can carry out any attack, but I will never be convinced that someone else didn’t know about it or helped in the planning.




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