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Best bingo spots in Las Vegas

When in Las Vegas, you’ll always feel lucky. There are loads of entertainment all around, and certainly the game of Bingo is hot on the list!

The feeling you could play and hit the jackpot always gets your heart pounding and your pulse racing with excitement. Now, there are even more exciting options to the traditional casino halls that dot the glitzy city of Las Vegas.

From the comfort and convenience of your mobile device (Ipad, Android, Iphone, Blackberry), you can play and win lots of cash, bonuses and even free spins on top bingo sites. Signing up is as fast and easy as it gets, and bingo! You get a huge selection of your best bingo games on the go, and spin for real cash!

Times have changed and become more fast-paced and digital, and so has Bingo. Today, players have more fun, are engaged and excited 24 hours with the main leisure of the spinning wheel and tons of other side attractions, offline as well as on their smartphones. To top it? A chance to win the lottery and get rich!

Here are the top spots to hit in Las Vegas for never-ending Bingo thrill.

South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa

Located on the Las Vegas Boulevard, the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa has a Bingo Room offering eight sessions with 12 Bingo games daily. Players can use online or offline options, which includes great bingo sites like to play a long list of thrilling games, including Cashball Jackpot, Second Chance, Green & Tan and Double Action.

With 52 numbers or less, you get a $10,000 bonus coverall. Also, with complimentary beverages and extra holiday gifts, this bingo hall is the perfect getaway from 11 to 1 am.

Plaza Las Vegas
If you’re visiting downtown Las Vegas, don’t forget to stop over at Main Street for the only Bingo room in that side of the city. On the third floor of the Plaza Las Vegas, you’ll find the recently revamped and upgraded Bingo parlor where you can play to win incredible progressive prizes and bonuses, as high as $15,000.

Plaza Las Vegas is open from 11 am to 9 pm, with daily sessions offered on odd hours.

Fiesta Henderson Hotel & Casino

Get into the Bingo Fiesta mood at the magnificent and recently upgraded halls on Fiesta Henderson Hotel & Casino, as well as Fiesta Rancho Hotel and Casino in North Las Vegas. This hotel offers one of the only two paper exclusive Bingo halls in Southern Nevada. Play Bingo games like Progressive Coverall, Grande Progressive, and Fiesta Cash Balls for big cash daily on every odd hour from 9 am to 11 pm.

Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall

Here’s the locals’ favorite for over three decades now and counting. Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall on Boulder Highway is a safe haven for starters as well as regular Bingo players. In the Bingo room located on the second floor away from the casino, players get three chances to get lucky with the coverall in several sessions. Open from 9 am to 11 pm, this Bingo hall also offers free donuts to players at the 9 am session, and free beverages in all sessions, in addition to cocktail service.

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