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Even grandparents can relate to “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

Frankly I have never been that much of a “Spider-Man” fan. I mean really some guy flipping around in a weird suit swinging about from web to web.  But when my granddaughter said she very much wanted to see the movie I had no acceptable option and after watching the show I owe her a debt of gratitude.

John Favreau, Robert Downey, Jr and Tom Holland

Lead character Peter Parker played by young and already highly acclaimed actor Tom Holland is indeed a young and up and coming Spider-Man under the tutelage of Tony Stark played by Robert Downey, Jr. but much more than that Peter Parker is a thoroughly relatable character thanks in part to the writing talents of Jonathan Goldstein.

Peter Parker is a very typical high school student in many ways. He has plenty of teen angst, is drawn to the seemingly untouchable and stunningly beautiful high school girl Michelle played convincingly by Zendaya. He also has a very close friend with whom he confides albeit reluctantly his other life as Spider-Man. The friend’s name is Ned played by Jacob Batalon and the somewhat nerdy Ned is the perfect match for young Peter Parker.


And then there is the homecoming dance and to everyone’s great surprise the smoking hot Michelle actually agrees to be Parker’s date. That is a big surprise but a far more stunning surprise arises when Peter Parker arrives at Michelle’s home the night of the dance and he meets her father. This is all relatable stuff and what sets Spider-Man: Homecoming apart from other action, adventure, science fiction films. Ah but the action, adventure and science fiction elements are abundant and eye-popping.

The special effects team delivers with perfection. The editing team doesn’t miss and weaves it together for total film enjoyment. And along with all of this there are a couple of very powerful life lessons delivered in a way that is concurrently deeply entertaining and motivational. In other words, Spider-Man: Homecoming is a great movie sure to become a classic and Oscar nominee. So again I say thank you my granddaughter for your encouragement and I cannot more thoroughly recommend this amazing movie.

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