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Michelle Marquez – Juggling Life and Work, a Truly Modern Woman

My friend Michelle Marquez is one of the most incredible women that I know and she effortlessly manages so much that it really blows me away. We often hear talk about modern Menthe are managing life and a career, and Michelle very much falls into that category. This is a woman who has 3 kids and a high powered job at a law firm, who also manages to keep up with her friends, stay fit, takes breaks away and who is also an outstanding mum and a great member of her team. So how on Earth does Michelle manage all of this? Let’s take a look.

Putting Rules in Place

In order to manage everything that she has to Michelle has to live by a strict set of rules and stick to dates and times for everything. Something which I really respect is the rules which she has placed on herself in order to ensure that she is doing everything that she needs to. For example, Michelle takes the kids to school 3 times per week without fail, she also never works past 7 pm, and the weekends are always dedicated to family time. Something else with Michelle will always ensure is that she hits the gym after work for 30 minutes. This gym session not only helps Michelle to stay in shape but it gives her the perfect chance to blow off some steam from work so that she arrives home in a different frame of mind.


As a friend of Michelle’s I can attest to the fact that she has some of the most outstanding organizational skills which I have ever seen. She will always make time for her friends but only if you are able to slot date and time into her calendar. Michelle is so fearful of missing out on her responsibilities and her commitments, that she makes sure that everything is written down and planned in her diary. It makes sense when I consider just how much she has to juggle, that the only way to remember all of her obligations and plans is to live through her diary.


From the outside looking into Michelle’s way of life, it can be easy to assume that she would be stressed and constantly under pressure, but knowing her as I do this simply isn’t the case. The reason for this is that she is very well organized which means she feels in control, and the second reason is that she feels incredibly lucky to have the life which she has. She is thankful for her family and her job, she is thankful for her friends and she is even more thankful that she is able to manage all of these different aspects of her life. This comes down to attitude and for me, Michelle’s is the perfect type of attitude to live this kind of life and seek happiness from it.

A truly amazing woman.

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  1. Mandy Ruiz says:

    I have been following the lawsuit against her to see if the 17 million dollars from the basket ball player gets found. I was following her career when the lawsuit began and she started her own business. Truly a remarkable woman who made so much money disappear.


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