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New Regulations for Vaping Products

Experts reveal that the new vaping laws that puts certain restrictions on the e-cigarettes, will only increase the damage to the smoker’s health. The prices of the electronic cigs have increased recently due to the new regulations, which could keep the traditional smoker off the electric alternative.

The first tobacco-related laws were released in 2001 by the European Union to reduce smoking across the continent. At first, it was applied only to traditional cigarettes, but in 2014 the regulation was changed to include e-cigs.

In may 2017, new regulations for the vaping industry were revealed to the public. The main things to note include the following:

1. Tank capacity capped at 2ml

One year ago, the average capacity of the tank was around 5ml. However, the new regulations put a maximum tank capacity of 2ml. This would seriously affect individuals who are used to larger smoking devices.

2. Strict regulations for liquids

Now, each ingredient must be thoroughly tested before being implemented within the liquid. If it doesn’t pass the mandatory tests, then it must be omitted from the product.

3. Additives are forbidden

From now on, additives into the liquid is strictly forbidden by the /. This includes added colouring, taurine and even caffeine. Soon, the same will follow for the traditional cigs.

Apart from nicotine, no other ingredient that poses threat to the human health can be used in the liquid. This means that the ingredients must be of the highest purity level possible.

4. Marketing Regulations

The advertisements on electronic cigarettes are now strictly regulated by the government. Ever since May, direct or indirect advertisement in newspapers, radio shows and TV are forbidden.

Moreover, sponsorship of Youtube Channels by e-cig companies will be controlled.

5. Packaging and Medical Regulations

When it comes to the packaging, it must cover at least 30 percent of the whole surface. Similar to traditional fags, the product must have a label stating that it causes addiction.

Furthermore, if they are not registered as a medical product, the e-liquid can’t have more than 20mg/ml nicotine strength. Not only that, but they must be registered with the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency before they can be sold commercially.

According to the CEO of an USA e-liquid provider we spoke with, the FDA vaping regulations will give people confidence that the flavours have been created in a clean environment with pure ingredients.


We spoke with experts on the topic and they believe that the new laws will discourage non-smokers and youngster from using them, but they still offer an alternative to tobacco smokers.

According to the Cancer Research UK, smoking is the biggest cause of cancer that can be prevented. The European regulations forbid e-cigarette advertisement because they stated that the e-liquids are safer than traditional tobacco.

One can be assured that the e-cigarettes are an effective method to help people to stop smoking. It proves to be a successful alternative to tobacco and the regulations are meant to stop non-smokers and children from getting a hold of the bad habit.

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