Officer Hendrex was on his knees praying during mass shooting, according to body worn camera footage - Officer Hendrex was on his knees praying during mass shooting, according to body worn camera footageLos Angeles Post-ExaminerLos Angeles Post-Examiner

Officer Hendrex was on his knees praying during mass shooting, according to body worn camera footage

LAS VEGAS — The Los Angeles Post-Examiner has learned from law enforcement sources that body worn camera footage still in the possession of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department allegedly shows LVMPD Officer Cordell Hendrex on his knees praying on the 31st floor as Stephen Paddock’s gunfire was raining down into the Route 91 Music Festival.

As reported in several stories by the here>, Hendrex by his own admission in his officer’s report, stated that he told Officer Elif Varsin and three armed Mandalay Bay security managers who were with him, to retreat away from the 31st-floor stairwell as the gunfire continued from the 32nd floor.

No attempt was made to get to Paddock to stop, distract or disrupt his firing. It wasn’t until the gunfire stopped several minutes later that they entered the stairwell and waited there for over 30 minutes until the arrival of other police officers.

Las Vegas Police Officer Cordell Hendrex (Twitter)

Hendrex, a field training officer, stated that he was terrified, froze in the hallway for how long he couldn’t remember, hesitated and did not know what to do next as Paddock’s gunfire continued killing and wounding those at the concert venue.

Hendrex and Varsin were the two officers who were on the Mandalay Bay property before the shooting started handling a call from Mandalay Bay Security who had two females in custody.

It is odd that the LVMPD has not yet released the body-worn camera footage from Officer Varsin as Hendrex stated in his report that she turned her BWC on while inside the security office. Hendrex stated that he forgot to turn his an until he was inside the 31stfloor stairwell after the shooting had ceased.

Since Hendrex and Varsin were the first officers to respond up into the tower, why wasn’t their BWC footage released first?

What is the LVMPD trying to hide from the public and why is Sheriff Joe Lombardo who runs the LVMPD still remaining silent on the Hendrex incident?

One law enforcement source told the Los Angeles Post-Examiner on Thursday that at this point, the LVMPD will not release any more video that may portray them in a bad light, that they will bury the stuff that is going to incur further liability against the department.

Hendrex cowers while other officers’ brave gunfire to enter the Mandalay Bay

Newly released video footage shows two LVMPD officers entering the Mandalay Bay Hotel as the gunfire is raging on. [The BWC time/date stamp is not correct]. As those officers enter the Mandalay Bay they are calling out for Security. A Mandalay Bay employee who is working behind a counter tells the officers that she has been trying to reach Security, but they are not answering the telephone.

You can hear the frustration as one officer says that he needs to get on the floor where the guy is shooting from and then says, “I need to get into that room.”

They finally make contact with a Mandalay Bay security officer on another level and they reach the 32ndfloor.

By this time the gunfire had stopped, and they can be seen talking to Security Officer Jesus Campos and Engineering Supervisor, Shannon Alsbury.

As I have reported in previous stories Hendrex is a disgrace to his uniform, his badge and the department.

While Hendrex was cowering on the 31stfloor and failed to act to save lives, other police officers did not hesitate, they did not freeze, were not terrified and unlike Hendrex, they knew exactly what they had to do next as they made their way to the Mandalay Bay during the gunfire. They had to get to the room to stop Paddock.

By the time they arrived on the 32nd floor the gunfire had stopped. Remember 58 people died and over 400 others were wounded during Paddock’s gunfire.

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