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Online dating profile made easy

Everyone’s doing it. Just the other day I even saw someone from a Storage Reality show on a dating site. It’s hard to talk about yourself but here are some easy steps to help you find the love of your life.

  1. No Negativity – Don’t talk about how your Ex brought all the drama into your lives.
  2. No Politics – Don’t mention whether the Government is doing a good or bad job.
  3. No Sex – no subtle innuendos either. Example: BigSword69 or I enjoy indoor games.
  4. No Untruths – Don’t exaggerate income or body type and for goodness sake use current photos.
  5. No Details – Don’t mention you snore, wait until they think you are all that.
  6. Be Creative – Look for ways to make your profile stand out.
  7. Be Humorous – Most everyone says they want someone with a sense of humor.
  8. Be Smart – Read other profiles to see what works.
  9. Be Original – Explain why they should date you. Good morals or bad… fun, active lifestyle.
  10. Be Yourself – Write how you talk so your potential soul mate already knows your personality.

Use a little strategy and think of the best way to show the real you. Catch them on the first sentence to keep them reading to the end and responding right away.

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Terri Underwood

Terri Underwood has always written women’s fiction because she finds it so much fun. Love, sex and relationships all have their ups and downs but without the downs, there would be no ups. She likes to look for the good moments in life and she learned that from her huge loving family who get together often for some of the most hilarious times. Terri is a professional who enjoys hiking, fishing and even camping. She’s a California girl who lived in Arizona for six years before running back to California. She didn’t come away empty-handed though, she learned to look at the sky in Arizona. The billions and billions of stars against a deep black sky, the clouds, beautiful sunsets and thunderstorms, isn’t that what romance is all about? Contact the author.