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Overwhelmed by Clutter: Quick Fixes to Help you Get Control

We all know someone who has never thrown anything away. Most young people have a set of grandparents that border on being hoarders. The trending minimalist movement is making its way around the nation, however. Younger people are used to throwing things away to keep the home clear of clutter. Often, when couples become parents, the clutter can be overwhelming. Babies need a lot of items on a daily basis. It can get out of control quickly when you have a large family. There are a few things you can do to get the situation under control quickly, before you lose your mind.

Box it up

Even if you are not sure where everything is going, start packing it away. This gives you a clean slate to work with. A few boxes in the corner of each room is a lot easier to handle than random items scattered everywhere. Plastic totes are incredibly sturdy and can keep items dust free, as well. Try to pack things in categorized piles so you are not completely unorganized. Don’t forget to label them properly. Make a commitment to leave items in the boxes until they have a place to go. These items can be placed in your home, the donate pile, or set aside to sell.


If you are completely overwhelmed but do not have time to go through everything for a while, you may consider storing the items out of the house. The garage or an outdoor shed by help you get back in an organized mindset. Many people opt for self-storage when they are trying to get the home in order, especially during moves or renovations. Storage units in San Francisco come in many sizes to meet your needs. Take the time to research options for outdoor or climate control units. You usually provide your own lock at these facilities. This ensures that no one else has access to your things.

Enlist Help

There are many professional services that focus on decluttering.If you cannot seem to figure out what to throw away and what to keep, you may need the help of an unbiased party. You can even enlist a friend or family member to help you with the purge. Don’t take all of the responsibility on yourself, either. Older children can work on their own rooms and your spouse can help, as well. The entire family made the mess, everyone should be a part of the solution.

Your home cannot be the haven it should when the clutter is stressing you out. Packing things away to a guest room or the garage can help you realize how much stuff you can live without. Get into the habit of throwing something away when you bring home something new, as well. Nothing should be purchased or unpacked if it does not have a specific place to go. Look into temporary storage options to help you get organized. Take back your home with decluttering tactics.

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