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President Trump responds to Assad’s “disgrace to humanity”

That is how President Donald Trump described the horrific chemical weapon attack against the citizens of Syria by their own government.

The President was right on the money with this one.

The President acted swiftly and gave the order for a cruise missile attack on the Syrian airbase where the attack on the Syrian people was launched. According to reports 59 cruise missiles each carrying a 1000-pound warhead pummeled the airbase and effectively destroyed the base.

I must agree with the President. He did the right thing. How could the greatest country in the world just stand by and do nothing? That would have been a crime in and of itself.

Whatever your politics are, if watching those scenes of the Syrian people choking to death, dead children and infants, if it didn’t bring a tear to your eye then you probably shouldn’t be calling yourself a member of the human race.

I’m glad and proud that we responded.

Assad once again crossed the red line and this time we just didn’t stand by and do nothing. I would say that we should have blown him out of existence but that my friends would have been too good for him.

Assad is a piece of human garbage.

He gassed his own people, has used chemical weapons more than once, blew up hospitals and has kept food and medical supplies from reaching the people of Syria time and again.

All those scenes that I watched on television were heart-breaking. When I saw the father holding his dead twin babies in his hands I am not ashamed to say that I cried.

Thumps up President Trump good job on this one.

As for Assad, I can only hope that his own people will rip him apart one day or better yet throw him in a locked room and use the same gas on him that he used on his own people.

That would be real justice.

Top photo: Screen shot from President Trump’s taped speech to America about the strike in Syria

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