‘Psyche on Vine’ is a very happy surpriseLos Angeles Post-Examiner

“Psyche on Vine” is a very happy surprise

I will confess that when my friend and sometimes collaborator Paul Gant invited me to see a show at The Three Clubs on Vine I said “Sure” with just a wee cringe. Oh there Is nothing all that bad about the place; it is actually a very pleasant little tavern attached to another room where drinks and food are served and where shows are also performed including the one Paul had dragged me to see, Psyche on Vine. I wasn’t expecting much and I figured I could handle a wee bit more than an hour of whatever. And then it began.

The basic premise was a unique restaurant where all of the servers were also clinical psychologists and so the story went you could nourish your body while cleansing your mind, sort of a blend of Freud and Soufflé. The results proved to be absolutely hilarious. Very soon my initial negativity transformed into unrestricted enjoyment.  In truth it is sadly all too rare for any show to deliver the degree of hilarity and joy found in “Psyche on Vine.”

The quality of the show and its rather large cast of players reflects the proven quality of its creators Doug Van Bebber and Sean Whalen. Doug Van Bebber is a well known writer and producer with a long list of credits including Crazy Hollywood Nights, Jackie Collins Presents and Street East. Sean Whalen is an actor, writer and director known for Bunk’d, The Axe Murders of Villsca and Superstore. When combined with the direction of Kathleen Randazzo known for Joe Dirt, Dichie Roberts Former Child Star and Bust and a large cast of proven performers what you get is a GREAT SHOW.

The wit and punch and flow of nonstop hilarity and wild entertainment ran from the opening moments to the very end and in all truth I can’t remember laughing so hard. It was nothing short of theatrical brilliance. So my initial negativity instantly evaporated into a near euphoria of giggles and joy. Okay so thanks Paul, now let’s share this slice of theatre magic with the rest of the world.

There is a good chance this show may run forever at The Three Clubs on Vine but to get actual show dates and times and to make reservations your best choice would be to visit their website.

And just in case it doesn’t run forever, visit that site now and make your reservations now because this is one show you don’t want to miss.

If you enjoy art and theatre you will also enjoy a visit to: www.ronirwin.net

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