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Where is outside?



Where is outside?

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Trump is just getting started

For anyone who thinks Trump's act has run on long enough, I hate to break the news to you — he is just getting started. Now that the midterm

Midterms have exploded participation records

In the previous two midterm elections, President Obama often said, “Don’t boo, vote!” Not enough Democrats listened to his words and went to the polls in 2010 and 2014.

Vote, George said

  A vote to start fixing what’s killing us. Click it to

2020 elections will determine our future

Nostalgia for Trump Not Likely Whether or not I like to admit it, I am now at the age where I look back on the world and see how it

Reps. Roybal-Allard and Jayapal statement on Trump considering new family separation policy

Washington, DC – Congresswomen Lucille Roybal-Allard (CA-40) and Pramila Jayapal (WA-07), the co-chairs of the Women’s Working Group on Immigration Reform, issued the following statement about news that the

October is for festing or getting in and out of a devil’s triangle

Been a crazy month and it seems to have had an impact on all my fans. Here is just a small sampling of the mail I received and my

Kavanaugh hearings are only about politics … and beer

The latest stench coming out of Washington, D.C. has to do with whether or not the Senate should vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh for a lifetime appointment to the

Protoje’s Penetrating Perspective

As much or more than any album in recent memory, in any genre, reggae star Protoje’s A Matter of Time— released at the end of June to universal critical acclaim —

John Dean warns SCOTUS pick could expand presidential powers

WASHINGTON – The attorney who served as White House counsel to then-President Richard Nixon told a Senate panel Friday that President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, if


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