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To recap we first need to cap

In today’s economy who can afford to recapitulate?

To recap we first need to cap


In today’s economy who can afford to recapitulate?

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Change is often the answer

It has happened to all of us — the great relationship, turns into the good relationship, which turns into the not so great relationship, which then turns into something

Standing tall in the face of a past relationship’s adversity

It is easy to get caught up in the past — who wants to relive the nightmare breakup that had you crying night after night? Who wants to revisit

Knights in shining armor: Don’t expect from him what you won’t do

It is very easy to envision what your perfect relationship is. However, is this vision encompassed with the perfect mate, interactions, personalities — just perfect, perfect, perfect with no

Relationships: Let a man be a man

Recently I have had several conversations with female friends on how they feel that men are threatened by their successes and their independence. My friends feel that their successes

Being alone: It’s okay

It might be viewed as the most interesting paradox that being alone can ultimately result in beautiful results, but there is something to that. As the story goes, you must

When less is more

In life, we’ve all always heard that in some instances less is more — for example, when you’re using garlic in a recipe, less is more; when you’re getting

Strictly Holly Wood

People watching and listening often results in interesting thoughts and wonders. Life is full of surprises, disappointments, but also change, renewal and growth. The one thing about life that is

Parallel Lives laugh packed insights to humanity

Parallel Lives is currently showing at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank, California. The play was written by two Obie Award winning performing arts professionals Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy

Love is just a four letter word with three stages

No civilization on earth has been void of love stories, poems or songs. Romantic affection has been a highlight of our existence, enduring despite cynicism and skeptics and rising