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Could LA be set to join other states in legalizing sports betting and online gambling?

California, and LA especially, has always adopted a liberal and carefree mantra, underscored none more so by the fact that marijuana- amongst other products- has been made legal for personal consumption in the state recently.

Now there’s growing speculation that LA residents will soon be able to play and wager at the best online betting apps and websites from the comfort and convenience of their own homes after a number of fellow US-states have passed laws legalizing the pastime.

US online gambling has always been to one extent or another a complex affair given many different regulations and laws governing different jurisdiction. In some states, there are specific laws relating to private casinos and there are also rules covering activities taking place under the sponsorships of Native Indians

However, attitudes towards online wagering are now softening; law-makers realize the tax revenue benefits and more and more customers are looking enviously at Europe and other parts of the world and wondering- why can’t we bet online?

Joining New Jersey in June last year, and other states to have recently legalized online betting, here are a few that could follow suit this year.


According to recent reports, Alabama is debating and discussing the Alabama Sports Wagering Act.

The draft bill mirrors some of the acts that have already been bought in by other states; ones that enable online sports betting and mobile betting.

Similar to other states, should the law pass Alabama would impose a 10% tax and only seven licenses look set to be issued.

New York

Historically, gambling in the Big Apple has been restricted to Native American tribe owning and running tribal casinos located across New York.

However, and owing to several brand-new land-based casinos, times are changing, and the monopoly looks like ending. Since this change, there have been more and more calls by advocates of online gaming who believe they can persuade lawmakers to make online gambling more easily available through the web.

Observers are looking a Pennsylvania as reports suggest the state is very close to finalizing online gambling. Pennsylvania is just across the border from the Big Apple and its without a doubt that politicians and state officials of New York aren’t prepared to lose out on potential tax revenues by restricting online gambling.


The Southern state of Louisiana is also discussing a bill that would mean that online sports betting becomes legal.

The finer details of the proposed law are in a formative stage right now, and the draft bill so far does not cover tax implications in an approach that’s different from many other states that have legalized it.

If the bill does pass, despite the inevitable amendments, it could be difficult for betting operators because they would be prohibited from applying for a license right away.

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