Mandalay Bay security officer Jesus Campos said he would use getting hit with bullet fragment to his advantageLos Angeles Post-Examiner

Mandalay Bay security officer Jesus Campos said he would use getting hit with bullet fragment to his advantage

LAS VEGAS — MGM Resorts International employee Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay Hotel security officer who was on duty on the night of the October 1,2017 Las Vegas Massacre told a family member after the shooting that he was going to try to use getting shot to his advantage.

Campos, who by his own admission to a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department detective during his recorded interview, stated that he discovered the bracket that was drilled into the Mandalay Bay Hotel 32nd floor fire stairwell door with screws, prior to Stephen Paddock opening fire. Campos told the LVMPD detective that he then heard drilling noises coming from deep inside Paddock’s suite, Room 32-135, and walked away without investigating the suspicious noises.

When Campos appeared on ABC News’ Nightline on December 18, 2018 he said, “This was the last call of my night. I was home free after this.”

I wonder if that’s why Campos failed to do his job when he didn’t stop to investigate the suspicious “drilling” noises inside Paddock’s suite after he had just observed the bracket that was screwed into the fire exit door. Two plus two equals four.

Or is there some other reason yet unknown?

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Campos’ former brother-in-law, Luis Castro, provided the Los Angeles Post-Examiner with screenshots of text messages between Campos and himself, sent after the October 1, 2017 Massacre. Castro told LAPX that Campos’ nickname is “YuYu.”

The text messages are as follows:

Castro: Heard you got shot man.

Campos: Yea. Tupac back.

Castro: You good though bro?!

Campos: Yea I’m good.

Castro: Do you get to keep the bullet?

Campos: idk [I don’t know] if they want it for evidence.

Castro: You better keep it.

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Campos: Frame it y todo [and all].

Castro: Put it on a necklace.

Campos: HAHA.

Castro: Glad you’re okay though bro. You saw a bunch of people get shot?

Campos: Na I didn’t I was in the tower.

Castro: Damn put this on your resume. You’ll become sheriff.

Campos: Lmao [laughing my ass off] swat.

Castro: They talkn bout u on the news.

Campos: Yeah. Yea I was told.

Castro: You better get some compensation lol. You gonna go on TV?

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Campos: Maybe.

Castro: I’ll let you borrow my Fuck Trump shirt.

Campos: Na I’m keeping it humble I don’t like him but I’m trying to use it to my advantage.

Castro: Wear the Mexican flag like a cape.

Campos: Yea maybe.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s final criminal investigative report on the Las Vegas Massacre:

“Security Officer Campos heard what he described as a rapid drilling sound coming from Room 32-135 after he hung up the phone [in the 32nd floor vestibule that leads to the fire exit door].”

The Los Angeles Post-Examiner reported in a previous story that that statement in the LVMPD final report conflicts with what Mandalay Bay Hotel Engineering Supervisor Shannon Alsbury told the police during his interview. Alsbury said that Campos told him he heard the drilling noises while on the phone with him, before Campos hung up.

“As he walked down the 100 Wing hallway, Campos heard what he described as automatic gunfire coming from the area of room 32-135 and realized he had been shot in the left calf. He took cover in the alcove of rooms 32-122 and 32-124 and utilized both his cellular phone and radio to notify his dispatch he was shot.”

“Security Officer Campos advised he was shot with a BB or pellet gun.”

That statement continues to bother me. It makes no sense. Campos heard automatic fire, then thinks he was shot with a BB or pellet gun? The LVMPD final investigative report indicates “Campos was struck in the left calf with a bullet fragment.”

Just to clarify what the LVMPD wrote in their final investigative report. When Campos called in over his radio he did not say that he was shot at that time. Campos said over his radio in a very calm and relaxed voice that shots were coming from Room 32-135.

He later called into security dispatch by cellphone and it was at that time when he told them he was shot.

The LVMPD nor MGM Resorts International, the owners of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, have yet to release Campos’ cell phone records to the public which should indicate the time he called in. The LVMPD report makes note that cellphone records were used to establish their timeline, in part.

Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas
(Claudia Gestro)

As for Campos’ remark that he was going to try using getting shot to his advantage, it was disgraceful, taking into consideration that the October 1 tragedy left 58 people dead and almost 500 others wounded by Paddock’s gunfire.

I guess it did turn out to his advantage though. Just read our December 12, 2018 story about how MGMRI’s “gifts.”

As for the victims and the families of those who were killed during the Las Vegas Massacre, they have yet to be compensated for their injuries and loss.

While those who were affected both physically and emotionally from the tragedy, which was entirely preventable and foreseeable, they still anguish in their pain as MGM Resorts International broadens its multi-billion dollar business empire across the country and the world.

MGM spokesperson Debra Deshong did not respond to the Baltimore Post-Examiner’s request for comment. Jesus Campos did not return our calls.

Silence seems to be a common thing in this case.







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