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Similarities and differences between online blackjack and live blackjack versions

Putting all your attention on just one blackjack version will undoubtedly lead to the establishment of a behavioral pattern that will be difficult to do away with when one decides to migrate from one version to another.

In terms of the switch, the change of playing environment will not be the only concern that should restrict one. This is because other variants of the blackjack game like the online version in Netbet and the live dealer version come with a host of advantages that a player will miss out on if he chooses not to evolve.

Similarities between online and live blackjack

Both variants of the blackjack game have pretty much the same rules, available bets, table layout, and payouts. However, there is the likelihood that you’ll find that the online variant can offer a couple more side bets than the live dealer version.

Regardless, it’s important to note that there are live tables with Super 7s, Lucky Ladies, Pair Squares and similar side bets. The likelihood of finding then in online blackjack is higher though. Meanwhile, live blackjack tables offer a more traditional betting layout, as they sometimes eventually add perfect pairs.

The patterns that are available in each variant do not change the essence of the game. The main aim, however, is trying to score close to 21 without busting.

Where online blackjack and live blackjack differ

Players who adopt strategies and have advanced blackjack skills will find online blackjack to be one dimensional and not challenging enough. This is because live tables have a person who shuffles and deals the cards from the shoe, and thus subsequently provides a lot of room for the use of card counting and shuffle track techniques.

In the online version, the human factor is not available as it has been replaced by a random number generator. Therefore, the only strategy will be to employ the use of common sense. This is a major deal breaker for players as blackjack is a game of skills before anything else.

There is also no interaction in online blackjack as compared to the live version. The live version gives you the chance to chat with the dealer, as well as observe the mannerisms of others. This contributes to the quality of the session.

Live blackjack may also be too stressful for players who are getting acquainted with blackjack rules, casino etiquette, as well as optimal betting methods. This is because of the factor of speed that plays a part in the two versions.

Finally, live blackjack tables offer you real money play only. However, if you just want to practice and learn the basics of the game, the online version will allow you to play as long as you want as you’ll spend just time and credits.


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