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Once in a civilization’s lifetime

I couldn’t let the opportunity pass.

Only once in the existence of a civilization, like this civilization, does a civilization get to this point.

What can we do?

What could I do? I had to write about it. Then, I had to broadcast it.

First, for the station I’m at, WFAQ-LP FM, in the middle of the hinterlands, and then shared with my editor Tim, and you, here at the Los Angeles Post Examiner.

The file “MTUSNA 10.02.2018 Newscast 02” is a segment of my radio show. A quick comment that can be inserted for broadcast. MTUSNA: Music Time USNA, (United States of North America) – say, 2045 AD or so. Can you see it? A show that I’ve done for decades in Milwaukee, then exurban Mukwonago and during a contract I had for the NSF, at McMurdo Station Antarctica. Intercontinental vying for Interstellar.

Takes place decades from now but reflects on today’s events. And plays oldies from the ‘80s, ‘90s, ohs, teens, 20s and 30s with over 75,000 affiliates throughout the Milky Way.


The audio snippet is the latest reflecting on what was tomorrow’s main event, which happened today October 3rd, 2018, with 45 texting everyone in America, at 11:18 PDT.

In the interest in National Security.

Actually, I know people that didn’t get the message. What does that mean?

Nixon wanted to do this with every TV being able to be turned on by him, should he need to say something, back during the Cold War. Something like: “The missiles are on their way.”

Too Orwellian it was thought back then.

But today, Orwell’s warnings are forgotten …

Or just paved over.

And nobody asked.

Illustration by Jeff Worman




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Jeff Worman

Jeff Worman lives in Walworth County, Wisconsin where there is water and a crisp, cool night sky conducive to the creative process. He has been drawing and writing since he was able to hold a pencil in his hand. Worman started out as a high school intern at the Bugle-American, an alternative newspaper in Milwaukee, and was a founder and long standing contributor to the Crazy Shepherd which emerged from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is published currently as the Shepherd Express. Worman’s column The Hourly Why was conceived in 1982, published broadly in underground newspapers over the decades and can be found online today at www.thehourlywhy.com. He also channels his signature character Deke Marler who hosts Music Time USNA (United States of North America), a radio show from the future, spinning ads for hovercrafts and brain implants, traffic reports between earth and sister colonies, with interstellar news and weather. Blues jams with musicians from his neck of the woods feature Worman on the harmonica and, on occasion, his parodying lyrics. In addition to cartooning, illustrating and reporting, Worman serves as secretary of Kettle Moraine Community Broadcasting, which is home to WFAQ-LP-FM, 101.3 Mukwonago and wfaq.com. He has a great love of the outdoors and champions charities by riding those long distance centuries on his road bike to raise funds. Contact the author.

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