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Vending in the 2020s

Every woman should make sure her man is fully protected.

Vending in the 2020s


Every woman should make sure her man is fully protected.

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Taking Notes for Mid-September

Top photo of Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA by Tim Forkes Isn’t every month the hottest month ever recorded? How many records do we need to set before we comprehend,

Faith is Essential to Life

For followers of God, faith isn't simply a leap into the unknown. It's an integral part of our daily lives. (Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay) You have been feeling sick,

Acts of Darwin

One should evolve with the

Twenty Years Gone: 9/11

Top illustration by Tim Forkes Has it been 20 years? September 11, 2001. The world changed for those of us in the United States. Maybe it did for our European

Thank the Unions for Labor Day

Top photo by Tim Forkes Labor Day — Does anybody care? The holiday was created by labor unions to commemorate the men and women who give their blood and sweat

Church Pastor

Church News: Pastor Wanted

Neither of the churches we visited while on vacation had a pastor. (Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay) The title of this column may be a bit misleading. If you expect

Congresswoman Barbara Lee on Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Top illustration by Tim Forkes Washington, D.C. — Congresswoman Barbara Lee (CA-13), Co-Chair of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus, released the following statement on the enactment of Texas S.B. 8, an extreme

Vote ‘No’ on the Recall, Reject the Nut Bars

Photo courtesy of Gavin Newsom campaign In 1911 California added Proposition 8, the Recall of Elected Officials Amendment to the upcoming election. A majority of Californians voted “Yes” to add

September Letters to Jim: Afghanistan and California Oh No

Top Illustration by Tim Forkes In honor of Labor Day, I am choosing not to wear white while I answer some fan mail. I have no idea why we are


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