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Whine not

Whining is the essence of American culture!

Whine not


Whining is the essence of American culture!

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Super Bowl LIV is set and it should be a good one

Super Bowl LIV has been set and there is little, if any, surprise about the two teams in it. Of course the Kansas City Chiefs were the #2 seed

Astros cheating: The tip of the iceberg

The average Major League Baseball player salary was just over $4 million a season last year for the 988 guys lucky enough to play in the big leagues. At

Future thoughts: We are missing out on the 21st Century

We are now one-fifth of the way through the 21st century and the United States has, in many ways, refused to join the modern world. In its place, it

Astros punished by MLB for their sign stealing scheme

“I find that the conduct of the Astros, and its senior baseball operations executives, merits significant discipline.” So said Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred in a 9-page

Hey Los Angeles: More public restrooms, please!

I have to pee. But I can hold it; thank you, God! I can hold it until I get there, and everything will be fine. It's not like I urgently need

2020: Ours is not to ask

Why, why, why? Because they are

Vietnam: One very special trip

Over my very many years I am very happy to say that I have been blessed with many opportunities to visit much of our world. I am unshakably convinced

January 2020: Jim has the answers, sort of

Dear Jim, Let me wish you a happy and joyful New Year. What are your resolutions for this year? A Curious Fan Dear Curious, Normally, I am not one to wait for a new

Welcome to Sunny Southern California

Every year millions of people come to sunny southern California, most to visit that weird and wonderful place we call Hollywood.Ithas many manifestations including a possible tour of Warner


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