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In search of tools and other thoughts

My mind feels like it is frying thanks to the heat, and in my case, humidity. It is not helping we do not have any AC at our house because let’s face it, it never gets hot in Camarillo. Anyway, I finally have an excuse for my brain playing another round of ping pong with my thought process. I think I wrote down most of my recent thoughts. Oh look, there’s a fly stuck between the window and the screen.

Funny how an unexpected text or phone call can change your day, even your life.

Never kill a wandering ant, his colony will send an army out in search of their missing comrade.

Some of the people James intentionally
pissed off last year.

Sometimes I think other people believe I woke up just to piss them off. In most cases, I haven’t.

Where the heck is my heavy duty extension cord?

A better deal can always be found if you look long enough, but is it worth the time spent searching?

Only on Facebook can you see a post from some guy showing how much we value pets and then a few seconds later another one from the same person showing how little regard we have for people.

I don’t care who plays the Joker next. He will never compare to Caesar Romero.

After much watching, I have come to the conclusion America really has talent. It’s our quest for fame that concerns me.

J.J. Watt is the NFL’s Man of the Year. There is no need to hold a vote.

I am glad we have groups like the Cajun Navy to help flood victims. After our Navy’s two recent debacles, we may want to put this rag tag bunch of volunteers to work overseas.

The Dodgers reached 90 wins faster than any team in franchise history on Aug. 24. Then they fizzled. They have won only two games since then. (Claudia Gestro)

Now that baseball has entered the final month of the season, about eight teams are getting serious for the playoffs. The rest have just been doing time since May.

It’s 108°f outside. Shouldn’t hockey be starting up soon?

Dog’s may be man’s best friend but in this heat, a well-aimed fan is a dog’s best pal.

I’m still looking for that damn extension cord. Where can it be?

I go to great lengths to avoid trying on new clothes in store dressing rooms.

Why is there a West Covina and not an East Covina? Is it because the founders of Azusa were better at coming up with a community name?

If our president is okay with science telling him Hurricane Harvey was a once in a thousand-year storm, why can’t he accept their views on global warming?

I’m not so sure I would take seriously a hurricane named Harvey if I lived in Texas. Maybe next time they can call it Otis or Cooter.

Disneyland (Leonard Kinsey)

Does anyone waiting in line at Disneyland really believe they are at the happiest place on earth?

Did you notice our vice president rolled up his sleeves and got dirty doing some clean-up work in Texas? I also noticed our president’s campaign hat never got a spec of dirt on it when he was there.

Jay Cutler chose to get paid millions to get beat up playing quarterback for the Miami Dolphins this year instead of millions to verbalize his thoughts on television each Sunday. I’d say that makes it pretty conclusive football causes brain damage.

Okay, if it is not in the garage with all my other tools, it has to be, wait a second, where are all my tools? I need them when I go to Covina tomorrow. Or is it West Covina?

Top photo: Didn’t you let a neighbor in Hemet borrow your extension cord?

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Jim is a life long resident of California and retired school teacher with 30 years in public education. Jim earned his BA in History from CSU Chico in 1981 and his MA in Education from Azusa Pacific University in 1994. He is also the author of Teaching The Teacher: Lessons Learned From Teaching. Jim considers himself an equal opportunity pain in the ass to any political party, group, or individual who looks to profit off of hypocrisy. When he is not pointing out the conflicting words and actions of our leaders, the NFL commissioner, or humans in general, he can be found riding his bike for hours on end while pondering his next article. Jim recently moved to Camarillo, CA after being convinced to join the witness protection program. Contact the author.