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‘Christmas Carol with Charles Dickens’ a most unusual play

A Christmas Carol with Charles Dickens does indeed have all of the important elements of the more typical version of A Christmas Carol but it does so with but one man, the exceptionally talented David Melville supported by the talented Kalean Ung.

So while it is not exactly a one man show by any means it does lack the more common full cast including the Crachit family, Jacob Marley, Tiny Tim and the three ghosts but they are all well represented through the magic of David Melville.

David Melville’s talent is by any rational measure extraordinary. His wit is sharp and his comedic timing flawless. He transitions from character-to-character with perfection and each and every character portrayed is completely what one would expect of the original tale upon which this show is based.

Kalyan Ung

Kalean Ung’s participation adds just the perfect blend and brings another important dimension to the show including her rendering of one enchanting Christmas song with captivating beauty.

Typically, I don’t much care for one man or one woman or even just one of each shows but A Christmas Carol with Charles Dickens is a rare and wonderful exception.  Maybe that is why this is the 12th year the show has been produced by the Independent Shakespeare Company. It will absolutely elevate your Christmas spirit unless perhaps you happen to be a young child.

My granddaughter joined me the night I saw the show and she was not impressed. That is most likely because the steady flow of wit flowing from the stage is probably a bit more adult oriented and not easily understood by a 9 year old.

Having said that there is also no reason I can think of for not bringing a young child in terms of content but they may be disappointed. But for about mid teen and up it is superb entertainment.

Directed by Melissa Chalsma, starring David Melville and featuring Kalean Ung is playing now at The Independent Studio, 3191 Casitas Avenue, #130, Atwater Crossing Arts + Innovation Complex, Los Angeles, California 90039.

Ticketing and reservations available by calling 818-710-6306 or online at: www.iscla.org. Go and enjoy the show for a merry, bright and fun Christmas.  The show runs now through December 23 with performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday matinees at 2:00 p.m.

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Top photo of David Melville by Mike Ditz

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