‘Redline’ is simply outstanding theatre

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Every play, television show and movie begins in the imagination of one or more writers. The writer then must reduce his or her imagination to the printed word. Then it becomes the actor’s job, with the help of a director, to bring those words to life.

James Eckhouse

In Redline Christian Durso presents a riveting tale of just how one man’s five seconds of rage radically changes the lives of many. Then vastly talented and award winning actors James Eckhouse as Raymond and Graham Sibley as Jamie, with direction from Eli Gonda, transform the written word into powerful and compelling live action on stage. It is one unforgettable wild ride.

I think what makes Redline so compelling is that it artfully stretches the bounds of human experience but without exceeding plausibility. What I mean is that the story told has elements that virtually anyone can relate to. With the star level acting of Eckhouse and Sibley it penetrates the hearts and minds of the audience and in so doing provides a five-star level entertainment.

All too often when a playwright pens a script with the good intention of grabbing and holding the minds and hearts of the audience he or she will go a bit too far and lose credibility or not go far enough, causing the audience to lose interest, Christian Durso found and delivered a powerful and perfect balance. James Eckhouse and Graham Sibley deliver it as close to perfection as the human experience allows.

Graham Sibley

Who hasn’t had relationship problems? Who hasn’t felt rage sometimes to a very dangerous level? Who hasn’t done something they regret for a very long time yet shift their focus to other distractions to help ease their pain?

All of these and other elements can be found in Redline a world premier launching the 10th season of the IAMA Theatre Company and currently on stage at the Lounge Theatre, 6201 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, California 90038. Reservations and ticketing available by either calling 323-380-8843 or online at:  www.iamatheatre.com.

NOTE: There is some very harsh language in this show. It is not gratuitous but rather very appropriate within context. Yet for the young and hyper sensitive it could be disturbing and therefore this show should be avoided by the young and/or super sensitive. For everyone else do not miss it because you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.