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Selfie Stick not for this girl

I can’t actually believe that I haven’t taken a selfie with a stick yet. I mean, it’s 2015 for goodness sake.

So we took our first stick on vacation with us to give it a whirl. We had the Vivitar 40″ Smartphone Selfie Monopod with Bluetooth Enabled Remote.

And it worked pretty well for us, once we got the hang of it. I didn’t quite get how to take a picture without the stick also being in the picture, but my husband was more adept at making it work.

Taking selfies with the stick.

Taking selfies with the stick.

This stick has:

 • Bluetooth Enabled Remote
• 40″ Extension
•  Smartphone Cradle and Tripod Mount
•  180 Degree Ball Head
It costs $14.99 via Amazon.
Once you get the remote latched on and bluetooth hooked up to your phone it’s fab! One click of the button and you’re snapping selfies like you’re Kim Kardashian. The stick extends easily so you can hold it out and get a good background shot too. It took us a few attempts to get it right, and in some of the pictures I had no head, or it was just my husband’s eye peering out. But we got there and our sunbed selfies tell the story.
The only thing for me is I don’t want to carry a stick around and while I get that this is a ‘beach bag’ essential, as much as I enjoy taking pictures of my vacation, the selfie stick is not an essential item for me. It thought I would love it, but I found it to be a pain.
615EqXLMrTL._SL1400_My phone is also pretty messed up and needs a case around it, so every time I had to take it out of the case and place it in the selfie stick holder I was worried it would fall and smash up even more. It didn’t fall, but you know, I was getting worried!
For those who love their selfies and their accessories (this comes in red, orange, pink and yellow too) this must be the one thing for your summer vacation. Party shots, group shots, selfies at the beach and the pool. This is for you.
However, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not a selfie-stick girl.

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