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Troubles every day at the diner

I Got Troublesis the latest in a longline of plays written by the talented Art Shulman. It has a large cast of 12 players and is set in an iconic coffee house they call Angie’s Coffeehouse. It is not totally clear but from the conversations that take place it is a safe bet that Angie’s Coffeehouse is either in Los Angeles or New York City. Just one example is Angie’s waitress who laments having fallen off of her once upon a time “star” status as an actress and is striving for a comeback. People in her position are abundant in Los Angeles and New York City but not so much in say Austin, Texas.

The conversations shift from table to table, customer to customer as each player reveals his or her own “troubles,” There is a very distressed and very Jewish air traffic controller concerned that perhaps his life decisions were not correct and contrary to the wishes of his father. Another man is a former lifeguard who is clearly depressed because he can no longer spend time on the beach. He is young and handsome so what could his problem be? Well he was diagnosed with untreatable and terminal cancer — but is it?

A prominent businessman sits next to a soon to retire school teacher. As they begin to talk the conversation soon turns harsh as the school teacher blames the businessman for harming children with the toys he makes. Is there any hope for these two people to reconcile? Yet another patron seems to be super shy but is well-known as an actor. What could his troubles be?

Clearly this is a room filled with people that “Got Troubles.” However, the elephant in the room is revealed when Joe [Casey Hunter] drops by to apply for a job. He and Angie [Amanda Donelan] appear to have instant chemistry but what we learn is that Angie is true Vegan and Joe owns a poultry plant. Boom!  is it even possible that such a severe conflict can have a positive resolution?

And so the story goes; a steady stream of very human issues and troubles that require resolution. The revelation of those troubles and their resolution if possible flows steadily across the stage with humor, wit and insight into human nature. It does make you think and I do recall saying to someone sitting next to me how I thought the issues between Joe and Angie and the businessman and the school teacher would resolve.

Turns out I was right and was also extremely happy to discover how the lifeguard would find hope and joy amidst a sea of despair. Let’s just say that from my very own personal experience I know that medical doctors do not always have the real answers and discovering other options can literally be lifesaving.

I Got Troubles is yet another well done show written and directed by Art Schulman. I Got Troubles is playing at the Crown City Theatre, 11031 Camarillo Street, North Hollywood, California now through August 5.Show times are Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 3:00 p.m. The show runs 2 hours with one intermission. You may make reservations and purchase tickets here.

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