Are CBD Cat Treats The Best Way To Administer CBD

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Cats like to present an individualist face as though they need no one and nothing. They can and will take care of their own needs and will do what they please when they please. It’s often challenging to decipher who will be the ‘parent’ in the relationship with the ultimate responsibility falling on the human to provide the optimum in love and care, so they have a joyful long healthy life.

As with any pet, a cat will have their moments when things are not perfect, they become sick, or things begin to get difficult as age progresses. Many people have chosen to look for an organic approach to these circumstances in CBD oil in its various formulas because that’s what most of them are using in their own care. 

A multitude of products exist for pets, but you need to look specifically for cats. Check out the pethempcompany site, among others, for options designated for felines.

Studies are still in their infancy for this species. Yet, in those that have been done, the compound’s properties show as advantageous in helping symptoms caused by various conditions, particularly in cases of anxiety, inflammation, and pain. 

Felines are known to become skittish and nervous in a number of different situations. Having an agent that can potentially bring calm to a phobic cat would be a real breakthrough of its own caliber.

What Is The Optimum Formula For Administering CBD To A Cat?

Cats are astute and then realize when something is not quite right. If you attempt to give them medicine, they know you’re up to something against them. They will invariably run and hide in the farthest corner out of reach. And once you are able to move all the furniture and capture them, they will squirm and scratch until you can’t see skin from wounds. This causes a great deal more stress for them than it does for you. There are much better ways to attempt this. Check for things you may not know about CBD for pet products.

Look for each formula here.

The Tincture Application:  The claim is that this may be the prime ‘go-to’ for kitty administering with the user-friendly bottle. These are the liquid form of the compound with a dropper on the top for which you can simply apply the substance to kitty’s food or its drinking water. 

It may throw the flavor off for them slightly, causing them to think about it for a minute. If the kitty opts to avoid it, try a bit of canned foods that will mask the aroma and flavor.

You can surely attempt to drop the substance directly into the cat’s mouth, but with most cats, this will likely not go as planned. A last-ditch effort is to rub it on the paws. Anyone with a cat understands their grooming habits. You can’t ensure a proper dosage with this technique, but they will ingest the substance. 

The Edible/Chewable Formulas: These can come in treats for your feline or chewable capsule. Most cats enjoy treats making this formula an ideal option. But if the animal doesn’t like the scent or if the taste is unpleasant, it won’t be consumed.

The ideology that cats are finicky is based in reality. Cats will not indulge in anything that doesn’t make them happy. They will simply turn their nose up and walk away. And you will be left wondering what your next option is;

The Topical Formula: The only time that you would genuinely use a skincare regimen is if there is a skin condition, but you should not apply any type of product to an open wound. The area should heal entirely and then administer to the surrounding region.

A cat is a small, delicate, and sensitive animal. The CBD options that you use for dogs or humans will prove to be too harsh for this species. You need to search for specific lab-tested, high quality, vet-approved products for your feline. Your vet will offer assistance with dosing and monitor throughout the course of care. 

Always start slow and low and bump up. It takes time to see the effects. Each kitty is unique. Remember that. CBD is potentially an excellent option for the safe care of your pet. But hear the animal and the recommendations of the vet that is taking care of them. And then proceed.


Feature Image by Karin Laurila from Pixabay