Attributes of a Good Officer-in-Charge in a Fire Watch Company

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It is critical for a fire watch company to have the vision. Since fire departments are diversifying their membership or workforce, it becomes the chief responsibility of the company officer to effectively comprehend the precise requirements and effective ways of addressing them. He must be capable of providing the leadership that is successful in promoting tension-free assimilation of fire guards and other personnel in the organization. As per Huffington Post, Americans have been witnessing about 47,000 home-fires every year. The picture seems to be truly disgusting here resulting in serious and permanent property damages.

Determined and Decisive

We understand that a fire watch company is usually operated successfully by retired firefighters who are fire protection experts. They are capable of providing effective fire watch patrolling assistance both on a short-term and long-term basis. Since fire watch experts are concerned about your safety, the leader has to be determined and decisive. He would gather and assess the critical information and make a suitable decision and once he has made a decision, we should be determined to honor that decision. The safety of many people is in his hands.

Well-Aware of the Situation

Successful fire watch company officers are very much aware of everything around them. They are forever abreast of the latest developments in the firefighting scenario. They have to know whatever is going wrong in the fire station or in the emergency site.  All fire watch guards and especially the leaders or officers in Fire Watch Services Los Angeleskeep themselves fully updated with whatever is happening around them.

Focus on His Work Objectives

A typical working day for a fireguard officer could be ranging from chaotic to calm in just a minute. An officer is pretty much aware of the reality and he is, therefore, committed to the objectives of his organization. He must focus on the crucial aspects when an emergency situation occurs. They must be sure about the questions below before stepping out to help the people in distress.

  • Is the issue at hand at all a safety issue?
  • How would this issue impact the operational readiness of my people?
  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • Is it the best thing to do from a safety perspective?

Must Be Accountable

Accountability would begin with the fire watch company’s leader. When an officer makes a mistake, he must be accountable for his actions and must be ready to face the consequences. He would constantly learn from the mistakes he makes. An officer should never accuse his fire watch guard for an omission or mistake that was not supposed to be the responsibility of the fire watch guard or for which officially he did not have the authority to take concrete action.

Must Be Oozing with Confidence

Successful leaders would be exuding the highest levels of self-confidence. They are bound to have sound knowledge and skilled at whatever job they are performing. They take immense pride in their job. They share their experience and knowledge confidently with their firefighters. They are brimming with self-confidence.


Successful leaders must be positive in their actions and words. They are striving to witness the best in themselves and they are constantly seeking effective solutions.