Baltimore DAPL protestors show support for Standing Rock

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Social Justice and environmental activists, in solidarity with Native Americans, staged an emergency protest action on late Wednesday afternoon, February 15, 2017, in down town Baltimore, Maryland. The purpose of the their action was to draw public attention to the fact that grasping corporate interests, (members of the 1% Gang), aided and abetted by the administration of President Donald Trump, have been granted a green light to build a pipeline, k/a the “Standing Rock & DAPL Pipeline.” The focus of the protest action was the office of the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps).

Backstory: After the election of President Trump, the Corps caved in and, despite serious environmental objections, approved the permit process for the $3.7 billion project. Check it out here.

The proposed pipeline, Dakota Access, will travel along 50 counties and four states, 1,172 miles, reaching from North Dakota to the state of Illinois. It runs through the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. This land is sacred to Native Americans. There is also a genuine fear the pipeline could contaminate the waters of Lake Oahe and the nearby Missouri River. #NoDAPL

A coalition of groups, hosted by “Solidarity Maryland,” came together today to sponsor the emergency protest action. There were activists lined up in front of the office of the Army Corps. An estimated 25 protestors participated in the rally. To learn more, go here.

Here’s the latest news from Standing Rock.

I talked at the rally with one of the activists, Ms. Kate Wyer. She shared her views on the need to protest not only the DAPL, but the Keystone Pipeline as well. Check out her remarks here.

Top photo: No DAPL protest at Standing Rock (YouTube screen shot)
All other photos by Bill Hughes