CarGuard Administration Supports the PACE Convention

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CarGuard Administration, a major provider of vehicle service contracts, is a firm believer in quality customer service. This is why they are happy to be proud supporters of the PACE convention.

The importance of customer service

It isn’t just the CarGuard Administration that should be focused on the idea of a satisfied customer. It should be a firm focus for just about every business that wants to build a brand.

Customers trust businesses that care

Companies like CarGuard Administration deal with vehicle service contracts. Because this can be a rather hefty expense for some customers, they need to know that they can trust the businesses that they are purchasing from.

If a business has a reputation for providing quality customer service to their customers, then it will be far, far easier for a business to convince a customer to buy. This leads to a higher customer conversion rate

Quality service leads to more business

When a business offers quality customer support and ensures that their clients and customers have peace of mind, they are much more willing to tell their contacts about the experience.

It is no secret that word-of-mouth advertising is up there as the best form of advertising a business can have. If people are happy to recommend a company to their friends and family, this is a great thing!

Of course, a lack of quality customer service can also turn potential customers away. If people had a bad experience with a business, then they are going to let people know about it.

A happy customer is a good customer

Having a quality customer service system in place can save money. If customer issues are dealt with quickly, then money is saved. After all, a customer issue that is dealt with by the first person they interact with costs less money to ‘solve’ than an issue that has to be bumped from staff member to staff member.

Happy customers also tend to have fewer issues. This means that a quality customer service infrastructure will be spending a lot less time talking to customers. This, in turn, could help businesses save a rather substantial sum of cash.

The PACE Convention

The Professional Association for Customer Engagement, or PACE for short, is the largest organization in the United States for companies excited about providing a quality customer experience. CarGuard Administration is a proud member of this organization.

The PACE Convention is a yearly gathering of members. Here, members will be able to attend conventions where they can listen to some advice from leading experts in the customer experience field. Members are also able to seek out advice and form contacts with other attendees of the convention.

The purpose of the PACE Convention is to help businesses, such as the CarGuard Administration, improve the customer experience. This not only helps to lead to increased revenues for all of the attendees, but it also helps to ensure that the customers that work with these businesses are well-catered for too.

Both PACE members and non-PACE members are able to attend the PACE Convention. The convention for 2021 is being held between September 19 and 21st in Arlington, VA.

CarGuard Administration supports PACE

CarGuard Administration knows just how important it is to offer a good customer experience. This is due to the business that CarGuard Administration is in, not only are they looking after their own clients, but they are looking after the clients of other businesses. When a company is acting as the main contact point for another business, then it is absolutely vital that they always give a decent experience.

This is why CarGuard Administration is proud to support the PACE Convention. The company believes that more and more companies need to be focused on the overall customer experience. When companies do that, everybody benefits. The company also believes that this is the best place to keep up-to-date with regulations that may impact the customer experience.

CarGuard Administration believes that the information being shared at the PACE Convention is vital for companies, both large and small, that are looking to take their business forward either nationally or internationally. When a company is so focused on the importance of customer experience, they genuinely believe everybody should benefit from this information.


The PACE Convention is the top convention in the United States for discussions on the overall customer experience. Attendees are always in awe at the amount of quality information that is shared at the convention.

The convention is open to both PACE members and non-members. You can register for the convention by heading to the PACE website. It is important that you register in advance if you want to be able to enjoy all of the benefits that come with a PACE membership.