Cheap Poster Printing in Los Angeles

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At Guru Printers, we are the leading experts in affordable poster printing services in downtown Los Angeles. As one of California’s premier printing service companies, Guru Printers specializes in a variety of poster printing options that are designed to help events, schools, and small businesses get their messages across to their target audiences. We offer posters in a number of sizes and finishes and have design services available by request.

When you’re ready to get started with your poster, the experienced staff at Guru Printers in Los Angeles, CA, can help. Fill out our custom form below or call, chat, or email with us.

Why Should I Use A Poster?

Posters offer a great and cost-effective way to get the word out about what you’re offering. They tend to not only be way cheaper than advertising on TV, radio, or a print ad, but they’re also more effective. This is especially true if your poster is designed to grab the attention of those who come across it. Posters also add a level of credibility to your event, which can help you gain the trust of your potential audience. Posters are a visible and versatile medium that can grab the attention of someone and make them take notice of what you’re offering. 

Do you know what the best part of using a poster is? You have a captive audience where you have a chance to make an impression with an effective poster design. Place your poster in a high-traffic area like a shopping center and you have a potential audience that a radio station or TV ad might not be able to grab, since people can stop and admire your ad and remember its message. You can even incorporate social media by including your social media handles and potentially make your effective poster go viral!

Types of Posters

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What can posters be used for? The answer: a lot! There are a number of different types of posters to consider when designing yours. These types include:

Infomercial posters – These posters are ads for a product or service that are designed to grab someone’s attention. These are the most common types of posters.

Formative posters – These posters provide information about an issue and indirectly mention a product or service. These are the kinds of posters you usually see at your doctor’s office.

Show posters – Think movie posters or a poster for a play. These types of posters provide information for when and where someone can see a show, along with additional details like date, time, and location. 

Political posters – These posters are used to raise awareness for a candidate during an election.

Fashion posters – Posters designed to create brand awareness of a fashion product.

Corporate posters – Posters designed to promote a brand as a whole rather than an individual product a company may sell.

Campaign posters – These posters promote a campaign of some sort. They are usually used to raise awareness for a charity or a specific event and/or issue. 

Subject posters – These kinds of posters are common for art galleries that want to promote a specific work of art or when a musician wants to promote themselves.

Affirmative posters – These are posters with positive, motivational messages on them. Companies can use these by discreetly adding their brand name somewhere in the footer.

What You Should Know Before Ordering Posters

There are a few considerations you need to have before hitting that order button. For example, what size should your poster be? This will depend on what kind of poster and what specifications you need. The most common sizes for posters are 

18” x 24”

24” x 36” 

27” x 40”

Here at Guru Printers, we offer sizes from 16” x 16” up to 53” x 120,” with custom sizes available to meet your specific needs.

Poster Options

There are a couple of different poster paper types available as well. At Guru Printers, we offer glossy and matte poster paper options. If you’re looking for something with a slick sheen to it, gloss paper is the way to go. If you’re looking for a paper that’s not going to reflect any sort of glare off of it, then you should go with matte. 

How to Get Started

When it comes to the design of your poster, the process of doing so is easy. If you’d prefer to design it yourself, all you have to do is send us a PDF of your design and we’ll get started on printing it for you. But maybe you don’t think you’re exactly the world’s greatest graphic designer and you need someone to design it for you. Well, look no further; we offer in-house graphic designers that will help you along the way.

At Guru Printers, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish. Send us graphics, photos, or template ideas to work off of and we can collaborate with you to create what you’re looking for. Have no idea what you want your design to look like? Just send us the text you want to see on the poster. We’ll handle the rest and send you samples of options you can go with.

Ready to Design and Print A Poster For Your Upcoming Event? Turn to the Gurus at Guru Printers to Get Started Today

At Guru Printers, we have the resources you need to design and create a poster for your upcoming event or company promotion. With a variety of sizes and styles available, you can create as many posters as you need with ease – and when you’re hosting an event, that will cut down on a lot of time. 

Give us a call today at (213) 513-6533 or stop by one of our pickup locations in downtown Los Angeles. Whatever your goal is, the poster printing services available at Guru Printers can help you achieve it. We look forward to working with you soon.