Child actress and singer Caroline Lobbin takes on bullying with music

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For Caroline Lobbin, who at age 10 is already an accomplished actress who has appeared in six movies and has written more than a dozen songs, it was something she wasn’t good at that has driven the fifth-grader to seize the spotlight.

“Boys would bully me for not being good at soccer and for me not liking soccer and that really bothered me,” she said. “I hated being bullied, so I’ve written songs about it. I want people to listen to my songs and know it isn’t their fault that they are being bullied. I also want the people doing the bullying to think about how it would feel if someone would be bullying them.”

Songs such as “Ballerina Song,” “Mean” and “Girls Rule The World,” which are expected to be released in the coming months, are just a few examples of how Caroline turns the negativity into her life into a positive.

Caroline, who lives in San Diego and attends All Hollows Academy, can’t remember wanting to be anything but a singer.

“She was asking to take voice lessons when she was 3-years-old,” her mom, Karly, said. “But no one would teach her until she could read because they wanted her to be able to read the lyrics. So once she started kindergarten and learned to read, she started getting voice lessons when she was 5.”

Caroline looks up to some of today’s biggest stars, including Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Olivia Rodrigo, who are all strong, confident female singers known for writing their own songs, just as Caroline does.

“I’m always working on a song – some take longer than others, but I’m always working on one,” Caroline said. “I write about what’s happening in my life and what’s going on with my friends.”

Caroline has released two songs – “Good Times,” which she wrote and a cover of Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License,” – and said her fans can expect more songs, along with her first album, to be released on her social media channels in the near future. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

Caroline records her music at Capricorn Studios in San Diego, under producer Kris Towne, who has worked with award-winning blues and American singer and songwriter Shane Hall.

“If it were up to Caroline, she would stay at the studio all day and wouldn’t go to school,” Karly said.

Caroline has had roles in the films “It Begins Now,” “Last Piece of Cake,” “Hannah,” “El Tonto,” Adelaide” and “Maybe Someday” in the past few years.

“I started doing theater when I was 3 when I started taking acting classes with older kids who were like 8 or 9,” she said. “That was really cool.”

When Caroline isn’t on the stage or in the studio, she’s playing sports, namely tennis, skiing, dance, gymnastics, or swimming, or making bracelets with her friends that likes to sell.

But she hopes to make a name for herself on the stage.

“When I’m in high school I want people to know who I am,” Caroline said. “When I’m in high school I don’t want to be crazy famous like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift because that was very hard on them. But I want to be someone who people know who they are and someone whose music makes people happy.”

Feature photo: Screenshot from Caroline Lobbin’s Good Times song on her YouTube channel.