Citizen surveillance. What is in store for the future

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Remember the first stimulus bill shot down? There was a Fed Account/Digital dollar in there too. But it was pulled. Not sure why. Maybe we or they are not ready. They said it would be easier to speed up the stimulus payment. The coronavirus was found to stay on our paper money for up to ten days. So doesn’t it sound good to get rid of the paper money and go to virtual money?

Yes, but notice the very first word of the account. FED. I don’t want my money in a FED account. I control my money, not the government. With everything else going on it may come to this at some point in the very near future.

If you haven’t spit in the cup for your DNA sample — it’s okay, the company probably already has enough information about you if several close relatives are already in their database.

23 and Me under Legal/Privacy says “Information shared with third parties as required by law.” So available to the government at any point in time. That government health care plan? You might be uninsurable …  or not eligible for medicine or surgery.

23 and Me reserves the right to use your personal information and they say they won’t sell your information. One 23 and Me founder married (and divorced) the founder of Google. 23 and Me is connected to Google Analytics Advertising. It’s in their legal section. The primary purpose of Google is information. Every search is stored indefinitely, plus the info from cookies. Now add that to your 23 and Me information.

When Google was first launched, the founders promised they would never sell you out to advertisers. We all know what happened there. Now that Google and 23 and Me were married …

Citizen surveillance by the government — they know how much you earn, what you buy with your earnings, who you call, email, text and what you talked about.

“Stingrays” are cell phone surveillance tools that mimic cell phone towers so cell phones in the area will transmit locations and information.

Digital Security. If you use the face recognition or biometrics on your iPhone, they have added you to the massive face recognition database. Not just our government either. That includes your location. And we all love checking in where we’re at and posting it on social media.

Satellites can watch you pump your gas. Spy apps can be installed on your cellphone without your knowledge.

Security cameras, baby monitors, Ring doorbells, if you can view it on your phone, so can others. WiFi, GPS, Onstar, Fitbit, smart TV’s, smart thermostats and appliances.

Social media surveys, tests and fun games, we tell them if we have a dog and the dog’s name, our kids’ names, schools and recently they wanted all gun owners to post a meme telling them exactly who had guns.

Government healthcare. Will they take all that information above and say, “Well, you eat too much red meat or no exercise is noted … you aren’t a good candidate for that life-saving surgery. Sorry. Next!”

Even former FBI head James Comey said you should cover your webcam when you aren’t using it.

Japan was researching whether the risks are worth it to implant chips into humans.

Think about the information that can be on the chip. Not only identity or banking but DNA. Medical history back to the beginning of time with 100,000 ancient diseases. 40% of DNA is made up of those diseases. Thanks to those places that we offer our DNA spit to.

Doctors won’t need to diagnose anymore. One scan of an implant and a computer will diagnose. Computers and robots already do surgery. Doctors and nursing careers will be non-existent. Pharmacists too. Computers can dispense. Think about it, we already have serve yourself checkouts. Even “cashless” systems where the amount is automatically deducted from your account when you leave the store. This will become more popular.

Now that you have imagined these possibilities. No need to imagine further. The future is here. Bill Gates is perfecting a chip/invisible tattoo vaccination. Sugar Micro-needles containing the vaccine will leave an invisible tattoo and then dissolve under the skin. Brings so many thoughts to my mind. Will we be forced to have this by a certain date? Is this the beginning of total control? Will everything noted above (and more) be stored on it? “They” will know who we are, where we are, where we’ve been at all times.

Teach your children technology because it is our future.

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