Democrats just need patience

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I love to hand out free advice to anyone who will take it. For Democrats, mine can be summed up in one word: patience.

You do not need to scramble to find a new face for your party because in two years time I have a feeling the GOP will be busy trying to hide theirs. You see, they finally have everything they have always wanted: the White House and both houses of Congress and soon, they will have the Supreme Court.

While on the surface, this might look horrific, remember this, the GOP will have no excuses when the mid term elections roll around in 2018. Even better for Democrats, Trump will have no excuse should he run for re-election in 2020.

The fact it has taken him more than 48 hours to completely undo everything he and Republicans have claimed they would as a result of the Obama presidency means they are actually having to think about the consequences of their actions. You see, once they undo it all and return us to the edge of 2008, it will be entirely up to them to do what is needed: move this nation forward. For eight years, they have been spending their effort and money on getting us to look in the rear view mirror that they have forgotten the road before us is in need of serious work.

Trump Administration Communications Director and Alternative Truther, Kellyanne Conway

The GOP will do what any other group does that has an insatiable thirst for power and that is implode. It happened to Democrats and it will happen to Republicans. Both parties are like little kids who are incapable of sharing the spoils of life. Rather than ensuring we are all happy, they are hell bent on punishing the losers and rewarding the winners. However, they have forgotten about those of us in the middle. We tend to be harder to please. We actually want to see real results.

It’s simple to repeal Obamacare, but once it is done, it becomes horrifyingly complicated to create something better which might explain why the GOP never set out to tackle affordable health care following the end of Bill Clinton.

It’s easy to lower taxes, but where do you cut expenditures without pissing off large groups of voters or losing the backing of Wall Street? You can remove ourselves from the TPP or NAFTA, but what kind of trade deals do you have to offer that our former partners will like better and sign off on? Which new markets do you have access to, to replace the ones we lose?

Bringing lost jobs home sounds like a great idea, but who is going to take them when you oppose a decent minimum wage, unions, and safe working environments? Americans don’t mind working, they just hate doing so if it is dangerous to their life or fails to provide them with a livable wage.

You see, it takes all of about 38 seconds for any political party to toss out what their opponents have set into place, but to replace it with better programs is far more challenging. It becomes even more challenging when an increasing number of voters are far more savvy with finding all the nuts and bolts of your details than you are at trying to sneak them past us like politicians have always done before.

If you do not believe me, ask Hillary Clinton and Democrats how they feel about Wikileaks. Turn about will be fair play in two years and you can bet on college campuses all across America there are young men and women hacking away to uncover the real truth and not the alternative one that seems to be so in vogue.

More than anything, this nation was built around the concept of freedom; we cherish it more than anything else. Consequently, the GOP will ultimately fail despite all the trappings of their newfound grip on politics because they can’t deny us our freedom and thirst for information that comes with it. The truth will either sink Democrats or allow them to soar once more because it will be what the GOP accomplishes and not what it undoes that will convince the voting public whether or not they are worthy of our vote in 2018.

The GOP will no longer be able to stall or shut down government and call it a victory. It will be up to them to put up or shut up. They will no longer be able to blame the messes we face on Obama or the Clintons because they will be a distant political memory to a group of voters who will want to know what the GOP has done for them lately.

So patience is all Democrats really need because if history teaches us anything, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and in the age of the internet and social media, the speed in which the information and the truth flows is far more powerful than any power any political party has in this country.

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Top photo (L-R) Sen. Al Franken (MN), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA), Rep. Keith Ellison (MN)
Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA)