Digital Accessibility Innovator Hosting Giveaway for Nonprofits Supporting Disabled Community 

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Since the onset of the pandemic there has been a surge in digital transformation across industries to help organizations adapt to the new normal, we are all living in. However, rapidly scaling and implementing technology can come at a cost — and it has, to the disabled community. Fewer than 10% of websites and only 2% of home pages worldwide meet the minimum digital accessibility standards. In response to the widespread nature of disparate digital access, Allyable – a leader in digital accessibility – has launched a holiday giveaway for nonprofits supporting the disabled community. Nonprofits are able to enter to win a one-year free subscription to AllyAudit now through December 31, 2021. Three winners will be announced on the first of January and will be featured across the Allyable Social Channels.

The AllyAudit solution is powered by artificial intelligence, crowd-source, and image process technology, providing 24/7 website scanning to ensure organizations are up-to-date on compliance. With its user-friendly interface, the technology is able to log each end-user interaction with the organization’s website or digital assets to better understand every aspect of the website’s functions. The technology’s image processor is also able to simultaneously scan each image across every webpage and flag any missing alternative text using machine learning to assess images and add relevant descriptions.

More than one billion people worldwide live with a disability that causes visual, motor, cognitive, or age-related limitations and ultimately impacts their ability to interact with web content. With all of the changes the global community has undergone over the last year or so, and knowing how digitally-driven our society has become, it is more important now than ever that we find ways to bridge the gap in digital accessibility to ensure the world’s largest minority has seamless digital access.

To learn more about the giveaway and who qualifies to enter, please visit: