Donald Trump and the power of choice

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Remember how sick we got of all the constant news coverage of Donald Trump when he started his campaign? Everything else was put on hold with the news because it was all Donald all of the time. Look what happened, he is now going to be our next president.

If you have grown tired of people blocking freeways, wrecking storefront businesses, spray painting messages on walls, or whining about the electoral vote because they do not like the outcome of the election, then stop posting videos and memes about them, even if they are funny. The more attention you give these people, the more they think they make a difference.

Many of the “privileged” white class questioned why blacks did the same over cop shootings in Ferguson, Baltimore, and elsewhere. Guess what, many are questioning the same today over protesters disapproving the voting results.

Anthony Hayes
Anthony Hayes

Police have reported most of the protesters who have been arrested have shown to have not voted in the election after police check local voter registries. While it is our right not to vote, it seems a bit extreme to take to the streets in protest over the results.

As for the anti Trump movement; we tried and we lost so move on with life. You can choose to be miserable for the next four years and people will only see you as a miserable person or you can choose to move forward. In four years time, Trump will have to run on his record. Maybe he fails, maybe he succeeds, time will tell.

Until then, put your effort into changing the Constitution and doing away with the Electoral College instead of demanding you get what you want. Democracy does not work this way; however, if you want to turn Trump into the tyrant you think he will be, keep doing what you are doing and he will have no choice but to prove you right because eventually, the majority will tire of your nonsense and demand something be done.

In 1980, many disappointed voters felt the same way about Ronald Reagan as they do about Trump today. Four years later, Reagan ran on a simple message; “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” It’s either yes or no. However, it is nothing short of intolerant to answer that question today four years before it should be asked and answered.

I was one of those who was not happy with the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan. Four years later, I had to admit, life in America was better after four years of him, especially when compared to the four years under Carter. Carter was a great person, but a lousy president.

Last week, I did not vote for Trump. However, I will give him four years just as I have done every president since Reagan, and I will ask myself the same question Reagan asked us to consider when he ran for re-election. Results, or the lack there of, will determine whether or not Trump gets my vote in 2020.

Until then, I am making the choice to move forward with my life rather than allow a single election to determine whether or not I am miserable for the next four years and that is a choice no leader, tyrant, or protester can take away.