Education: Humanity’s Stepping Stone

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Skimming through the pages of history reveals a number of notable names. Archimedes, Galileo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein. All of these people are prodigies of their times. These people immortalized themselves in the pages of history through their deeds. What is common between all these icons? People who lived centuries apart from one another? Their dedication and devotion to knowledge. Their never-ending need to explore the unknown and learn all that there is to know. Our thirst for knowledge is what makes humans different from all other lifeforms. This thirst is what has allowed us, humans, to grow and thrive throughout the ages.

The many brilliant minds of the past had realized the importance of keeping this thirst alive. The modern education system exists in order to keep this thirst alive. Education broadens the mind and opens our eyes. It teaches us to explore the world around us and to find solutions to problems. The education system transforms the human mind into something better.

Education is humanity’s stepping stone. It’s the educated who have brought change throughout history. Proper education gives one the tools that they need in order to excel. Take a look at modern society. We can see that its foundations are laid out by the educated. And what has been built on top of these foundations has been laid out by the like-minded.

Education has a significant impact on macro and micro levels. On macro levels, education provides a country with productive citizens. It stimulates the development of a country’s human resource. By doing so, it allows a country to progress economy wise and society wise. Take Canada for example, this country started out as next to nothing. Today, it is one of the best countries in the world. Canada enjoys a booming economy and a superb culture thanks to its socially developed society.

On a micro level, education allows people to improve the overall quality of their lives. By gaining access to knowledge and learning useful skills, people become more capable. They can enjoy a better lifestyle and gain access to earning options. Overall, they can increase their value as a person.

Education has a number of tiers. There is primary education available to everyone in developed countries. Then there is secondary education. This further develops a person, and after which comes post-secondary education. Post-secondary education is not as easy to access, unlike the latter. This is due to its higher costs.

There are plenty of decorated institutions that offer post-secondary education. However, their tuition fees are high. To the point where not everyone can access them. This financial barrier keeps many people from availing post-secondary education. Post-secondary education is quite valuable. It helps people learn more specific skill sets and knowledge. Students are taught a broad range of subjects up till high school. After graduating from high school, they have the option to pursue post-secondary education. They can specialize in different fields. For example; business management, civil engineering, biotechnology, and more. Post-secondary education focuses on the teaching and honing of special skill sets.

In a perfect world, post-secondary education would be available to everyone. Sadly, that is not the case. You need strong financial backing in order to pursue post-secondary education. Some students opt for student loans in order to avail post-secondary education. There is a downside to student loans. After graduation, one spends 5 to 10 years paying off their loan. Being in debt at the beginning of one’s career can be crippling.

There is a second, much comfortable option available. Parents wanting to help their children’s education can turn to education savings plan institutions. Canada’s best savings plan institution is Knowledge First Financial. Knowledge First gained repute in 1998 for its assistance to Canada. These institutions provide parents with options for saving money for their child’s future. These companies help parents save money and increase its value over time. This allows parents to provide their children with financial support when they begin post-secondary education.

Smart people plan for the future. Education savings plans prioritize future decision-making. In order to secure your child’s future, you have the option to act in the present. With the right institution by your side, you can begin investing in your child’s future. In doing so, you give them a chance to build themselves. Any investment in human resource does not go to waste. It will open so many more doors for them. It will make your child capable of creating far greater value. Value for themselves and society.

Knowledge is power, and education is the key to that power. A power to bring a positive change into the world. Providing that key to your child is up to you. A decision that you make today can change your child’s future for the better.