Essential tips to upgrade your smoking experience

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Everyone has their own way to enjoy some good herb. If you asked a hundred smokers what they did, you would get a hundred different answers. Whether you’re a longtime herb enthusiast or just starting out, everyone has their own ideas about how to improve their smoking sessions. Here are a few essential tips to make your herb experience better.

Candy Or Mints While You Smoke

You can try this with pretty much any kind of candy or mint. While you are prepping your bowl/ bong/ joint/ blunt/vape, pop your favorite treat into your mouth and keep it in your cheek as you puff away. Many people say that it’s indescribably delicious and even staves off the munchies.

An added benefit is that sucking hard candy can help combat cottonmouth by stimulating saliva production.

Keep Lip Balm With Your Weed Paraphernalia

Weed can dry out your mouth very quickly. Be prepared and keep a tube or tin of lip balm with your smoking supplies at all times (especially if you think you may want to initiate a make-out session). That way, when cottonmouth turns your lips to sandpaper, the sweet, soothing solution is always within your grasp.

Try a mint-flavored lip balm. Not only does it moisturize your lips, but it can mask any unwanted smoker’s breath. Also, you won’t find a tastier combination than good bud and yummy mint.

Smoke Before Meal Times

The munchies can be overpowering, so it’s no surprise that many smokers find themselves overindulging in unhealthy snacks after they smoke. If you are trying to avoid unnecessary weight gain, plan your highs around mealtimes. Wait to smoke until you’re about to eat. Many find that their food also tastes even more delicious and that they have a better sense of when they are full. The following foods are said to enhance your high by binding with cannabinoids.

  • Broccoli
  • Nuts
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Mango
  • Tea

Some people recommend sipping beer while smoking but tread carefully into this territory. Not everyone responds to alcohol and herb the same. It’s possible that the combination can lead to a heightened high, but it may also make you sick.

Use a glass blunt

For the vast majority of herb users, their first experiences with herb came in the form of hand-rolled cigarettes. Blunts are a convenient and easy way to smoke your herb, but some people don’t enjoy the fiddly process of rolling joints. If you are looking for an alternative to hand rolling, consider using a glass blunt instead. They’re inexpensive (visit this site to shop) and make your herb experience quick and easy. Glass blunts are clean and portable and don’t require you to constantly buy rolling papers.

The size and design of the Glass Blunt will not attract any unwanted attention. Many people confuse it with the average e-cigarette. It is easily stored and easily cleaned after use. Many glass blunts are available with carrying cases, which are both stylish and discreet. Bonus you don’t need to fret about burning your fingers as glass allows the blunt to be significantly cooler. Fill your glass blunt with up to two grams of your favorite weed and you‘re ready.


Everyone is always looking for new ways to upgrade their herb smoking experience. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, there are always new tips, tricks, and ideas to enjoy your herb. Don’t be afraid to try something different, like sucking on candy as you smoke, switching your hand-rolled blunts for a stylish new glass blunt system, or changing your menu when you’re enjoying your herb.