Fake news or lie: What’s the difference?

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Does it ever occur to people who post “never before seen footage” or “stories the mainstream media does not want you to know” that you are fools?

Conservatives would have us believe all media are left wing nuts looking to hide the truth from us. Liberals would like us to believe there is a great conspiracy keeping them from power and it is all the work of conservatives who control the media.

Last time I checked, there are plenty of REAL media outlets that are liberal controlled and slanted (Think MSNBC) as well as conservative outlets (FOX News is the most common) that do the same. Both employ plenty of people who are actually trained in the field of journalism, who have a depth of sources, and do their share of fact checking before airing a story. Still, they get stories wrong from time to time.

Why is it you never find these “earth shattering” stories that are only uncovered and released by sites we have never heard of?

Mainstream journalists, both print and visual, are incredibly competitive people. They seek being that one man or woman who breaks the next Watergate event because they also seek the fame and fortune that escape most in their field. They also know if they cut corners their careers are ruined because they no longer become credible.

When people post these never before seen or released stories, there is a reason they are this way: THEY ARE FAKE!

Do yourself a favor, try getting your news from a variety of legit sources and not just from those that confirm your paranoia, conspiracy beliefs, or worse, your ignorant and outdated thinking. Try asking questions like whether or not this story really shows a lack of consistent thinking of the right or left rather than swallowing their Kool-Aid because you have stopped thinking and instead just decided to blindly follow.

FAKE NEWS. Seriously, who coined this phrase? Why does it need two words to describe what it really is — lies?

Photos are YouTube screen shots with fake headlines