Florida: the dumbest public servant

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Which one of these three people are the dumbest?

A. Martin County Florida Deputy Sheriff Benjamin E. Fennell
B. Florida Assistant State Attorney Alissa Cohen
C. Judge Darren Steele
D. All three are dumbbells.
(See correct answer below)
On April 14, 2014, Alfred J. Rastrelli, Uncle of Archangel of Justice Salvatore E. Rastrelli, was arrested by Martin County Deputy Sheriff Benjamin E. Fennell on an unfounded charge of “Deliberately or negligently allowing his horses to roam free.”

Deputy Fennell had performed what we believe can only be described as a totally pathetic investigation by someone having absolutely no knowledge of the evidence necessary to request charges be issued against a suspected lawbreaker.

Next, ASA Alissa Cohen, also having absolutely no knowledge of what evidence is necessary to charge and convict someone, took Fennell’s information and authorized a warrant to be issued against Rastrelli and there was not even a scintilla of evidence to prove the case against him.

And even worse, based on absolutely no evidence or probable cause, Judge Darren Steele, who either was not wearing his glasses, or never took the time to read it, signed the warrant. Rastrelli was then arrested and forced to post substantial cash bail before he was released and then a retainer for the services of an attorney to defend himself in this matter.

Rastrelli reviewed the case and submitted the following letter to ASA Cohen showing the complete lack of evidence. She refused to drop the charges against his uncle. (See documents) Now, just recently, Alfred Rastrelli’s attorney told him that charge against him had been dropped. But Archangels of Justice won’t let these “public servants” get away that easy.

Archangels of Justice is in process of sending Martin County Sheriff William Snyder a copy of this letter as a complaint of false arrest against Deputy Fennell, a copy to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi as a complaint of malicious prosecution against Cohen, and the State of Florida Judicial Committee  as a complaint against Judge Steele for incompetence.

By the way, these three people waste no time in collecting their paychecks.

Check out these documents and we will rest our case when we get justice.

QUESTIONS: Should a Deputy Sheriff know what he is doing when he arrests you? What about a prosecutor before she charges you? What kind of judges do they have in Martin County. They call themselves Honorable but are they?

The answer to the question at the beginning of this posting is:  
D. All three are dumbells.