Fringe Festival presents “love in the time of taksim”

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love in the time of taksim is a one person show more to the point a one woman show and I typically don’t much care for one person shows because they resemble going to a car show and only looking at one car. But as it turned out this particular one woman show was indeed fun, captivating and interesting thanks totally to the charm and talent of Gabriela Sosa formerly of Panama.

Then there is the title. Somehow for some weird reason I keep seeing “love in the time it takes him” rather than the correct title which is, of course, love in the time of taksim. With my twisted misinterpretation I thought it was a play about a premature sort of guy. As it turns it is a much different story but it does indeed concern itself with “relationships” and an utter obsession.

Gabriela Sosa

The actual story involves an obsession with former Vice President Al Gore and his cause of working to reverse the ravages of climate change. So enraptured was Gabriela that she applied for and was accepted into a short training course to be held in Istanbul, Turkey near its world famous park Taksim Square. While her dreams of love and Al never materialized she did find a local love interest and he became her real world “plan B.”

Unfortunately Taksim Square has earned a reputation as being the focal point of discord, discontent and on occasion out right riots. Such was the case during Gabriela’s brief visit. However, after her return to America her local love interest came to America and reunited with Gabriela. How did that turn out? Was it a joyous culmination, an insignificant moment in time or a disaster? Well you will just have to go and find out for yourself.

Gabriela Sosa is a gifted Emmy Award winning and Oscar nominated actress and her talents become strongly evident in her Fringe Festival performance of love in the time taksim. There are only two shows left so hurry up p[ick one and go. The remaining show dates are Saturday June 17th at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday June 24th at 7:00 p.m. both at Actors Company, 916 N Formosa Ave., Los Angeles, California. Tickets are only $12 and available online here.

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