GOP job search for Mr. Right

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Take This Party And Shove It 

WANTED: One Republican Speaker of the House
To start work on November 1, 2015
Must have the following qualifications:
White Male out of touch with reality
Bible driven and Constitutionally challenged
Must be willing to shut down government
Agrees to never cooperate with a Democrat
Must be pro life and pro death penalty

Experience building walls a must.

John Boehner’s biggest achieviment was having Pope Francis speak before a joint session of Congressl: . The pope stopped to shake the hand of Secretary of State John Kerry. (YouTube)
John Boehner’s biggest achieviment was having Pope Francis speak before a joint session of Congressl: . The pope stopped to shake the hand of Secretary of State John Kerry. (YouTube)

With the sudden and shocking news Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner intends to step down and leave Washington DC politics behind at the end of October, you would think Republicans might be mad as hell. Just the opposite seems to be the case, at least with those who make up his party’s far right. By their reaction, they seem to think they just hit the jackpot. Little do they realize, the rest of the nation, including Boehner himself, will be laughing at them soon enough.

Boehner has essentially given the most closed-minded people in politics the middle finger and has dared them to back their words and wishes with a leader of their choosing. For all his flaws, John Boehner knows he doesn’t need to stick around for the carnage.

How does any Republican lead a party where there is a loud and well-funded segment that believes politics and our nation’s future should be done only their way with no room for any compromise?

We all can remember the neighborhood kid who would take his ball home and refuse to play with others unless he got his way all the time. Guess what? Those kids are now in the Republican Party and they are willing to go home and shut down all of government in the process.

This extreme wing provides the rest of us with a good argument as to why it is never a good idea to negotiate with terrorists. Tired of trying to placate these Jihadists, Boehner has basically told them to kiss his ass as he walks away toward political retirement. He no longer cares if his decision costs the GOP                                          the White House and both houses of Congress in next year’s election.

Boehner has essentially announced to the nation he would rather see eight years of a Hillary Clinton presidency than spend another eight minutes with his own party’s ass hats. He will gladly sit in the comfort of his home and sip on a cocktail while he watches the undoing of the Republican Party on the evening news. When he dies, he should insist his head stone read, “I Told You So.”

So who will be the next person to lead this bunch of adult crybabies? For starters, women need not apply. This group does not respect you. Nor should people of color.

Their next leader needs to be a white male who believes the Bible trumps the Constitution every time. A Bible-driven government must also be one that opposes the idea of any Koran-driven foreign governments. He needs to be strongly pro-life while insisting this nation needs more people executed for horrible crimes like the sale of marijuana.

LGBT is code for Let’s Golf By Tuesday. Kim Davis is a victim, but if a Muslim tried to pull a stunt like hers, she should be waterboarded. A powerful military is the solution to all our foreign problems and the leader must be an expert at building walls. Besides a wall along our southern border, it is imperative the new leader be able to build political walls that do not allow any oppositional ideas from creeping into their limited thought process.

Pope Francis addressing a joint session of Congress. (YouTube)
Pope Francis addressing a joint session of Congress. (YouTube)

Sometimes you have to be willing to lose a battle to win a war. For John Boehner, he has told America he is willing to watch the Republican Party implode at a time when they have a rare opportunity to control all branches of government.

Normally, this would be met with great concern within his party, and to many, it is. However, to the element joyously celebrating in much of the same manner as Jihadists did, dancing in the street and yelling, “Death to America,” when the World Trade Center was destroyed, this is just the first of what they perceive as many great accomplishments that will bring Americans into their line of thinking.

The reality is, these DC Jihadists are not capable of understanding what the American people really think. Perhaps they will when they wake up next year on the morning after the 2016 elections and see just how few care to support their way of thinking.