Hash tags: Enough

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Would you please do me a favor and retire your damn hash tags? Seriously, #Don’tDoADamnThing. They didn’t make black lives matter any more or less than they did before they were used. As for other things, well, #AreAnEffingJoke.

How many terrorists have been stopped by your stupid symbol? Sure, you use them to show support for the victims of terrorism, but do you think they strikes fear into the hearts and minds of the sick degenerates who go around blowing themselves up just to kill a few perceived infidels? #GrowABrainAndDoSomethingThatMakesARealDifference.

Kardashians-FBGod also does not give a rat’s ass about your hash tags. In fact, quit assuming your god is the only god who is reachable via modern technology. #GodIsNotOnTwitterOrFaceBook. Do you think starving kids in Africa sleep better knowing you have hash tagged them? How about the homeless? Your favorite football team is not going to win because you #SteelersKickRavensButts.

Oh, and your office secretary could care less about your #ICherrishMySecretary nearly as much as she does a much deserved pay raise. In fact, I bet they would like to #SlapTheSnotOutOfThePersonWhoInvented#ing. I know I would.

I often wonder how many Americans, most of whom are reasonably well educated, manage to get themselves dressed and off to work. I mean, there are so many flipping #s to read and respond to, what’s a person to do? #RaiseYourHandIfYouThinkPeopleShouldGetPaidTimeOffToRead#s. I am sure it is in the Constitution, somewhere between the second and sixth #. I can’t keep all of them straight because #HighSchoolWasAWasteOfTime.

Now I see they use them on television shows. Seriously, who can keep up with the #Kardasians when they are naked and afraid while trying to #? At what point in history did this symbol replace tic-tac-toe? The same people who constantly lose at this game are probably the same ones who are #LivingInMyParentsBasement in their thirties.

As for those of you who think I am off base with my hatred for your use of an idiotic symbol, well, all I can say is #RightBackAtYou with your #IdioticResponse. Symbols are for carving on cave walls and as best as I can recall, we stopped relying on them for communication when we became a higher level thinking species. So please, #SlapYourselfForMe.