Hillary Clinton: Another Nixon?

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To say I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton is an understatement. I am the first to admit I cannot stand the person. My contempt for her goes all the way back to the first time I saw her and her husband interviewed on 60 Minutes as Bill began his quest for the White House.

As a teacher, I learned to read people pretty well and my instincts told me this was a political couple who would say and do anything to get what they wanted, including looking the public in the eye and flat out lie to us without thinking twice about having done so. It was a pattern of behavior that nearly destroyed Bill’s presidency and it is a pattern Hillary has followed ever since.

There is, in my opinion, not a genuine molecule in Hillary Clinton. Everything she does, from the moment she wakes up each morning until she falls asleep at night is contrived and entirely designed to get her elected as this nation’s first female president. It has been this way since her husband won election in 1992.

To voice anything negative about her is to risk being labeled as anti-female, something she and her operatives have exploited for over twenty years. However, Mrs. Clinton fails to offer a message of hope like the man who defeated her in 2008 while trying to pass herself off as a regular person despite her earning six figures for public speeches, relying on personal drivers for two decades, and paying $600.00 for hair cuts.

Anyone who believes controversy will stop following her if she is elected next year is either extremely naive or, to quote Donald Trump, “STUPID.”

Hillary Clinton has a major problem on her hands and yet the problem is now officially out of her hands. I am talking about her emails and use of a private server, which are now part of a criminal investigation. They are her Watergate.

Mrs. Clinton tried to claim ignorance to the law that required her to use a government server instead of a privately owned one when sending and receiving emails as Secretary of State. Unfortunately, she is about as believable as a sixth grader who tells you he was not cheating on a test when caught red handed by the teacher.

She then claimed she never knowingly sent or received any classified or top secret emails but a brief review has shown otherwise. Ignorance may be bliss for the truly ignorant but for Mrs. Clinton, it is going to be part of her undoing.

“Big Deal,” you say. What’s four emails out of the 60,000? For starters, it’s four more violations of the law while she was Secretary of State and a good indicator of more to follow. Considering she was entrusted to protect the best interest of the nation’s security and she chose to bypass it to use a private server would indicate a level of disregard to the laws of the land. Did she really think she was not handling sensitive information or do you think as many others believe, she was trying to find a way to pass it on to advisers who lacked the necessary security clearance to see such information?

Now there are reports others on her staff may also be involved in this controversy. While they may not go by the name of Dean, Haldeman, or Erlichman, you can bet they are just as trusted and loyal to Hillary as Nixon’s advisers were. They will go to any length to protect what has become their meal ticket.

So now Hillary Clinton has a criminal investigation to “manage” along with a political campaign to run. How will she do both?

Essentially, she will use the investigation to divide the nation between those who feel this is just a ploy to keep a woman out of the White House and those who feel she lacks the honor and honesty to be Commander-in-Chief.

Clinton will continue making grand and empty promises like free college tuition, cracking down on Wall Street, and getting tough on ISIS. But seriously, how does she intend to accomplish these and more empty promises while the Feds are investigating her and Republicans are plotting an embarrassing end to her political career?

If Hillary Clinton could see the world beyond herself, she would step aside, knowing nothing good will come from this mess. But she won’t. Why? Because she goes through life with blinders on in pursuit of a singular goal – becoming the first female elected as POTUS. However, because of her blind focus, she has no idea what the history books will say about her when she ends up like Richard Nixon and is forced to resign from the only thing that matters in her life.

While many in the country have grown tired of the prospect of another Bush or Clinton in the White House, what we really need to consider is do we need another Nixon because that is what we will get if Hillary is elected in 2016.