Hillary Clinton: She is our biggest concern

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It’s easy to look at the on going fiasco known as Republican Party Debates and think this country is in big trouble if one of these clowns gets elected to the White House next year. However, remember, while Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and a host of lesser named people try to out do one another for sound bites that grab voter support, there is a much bigger concern playing out among the Democrats.

Why is it there were only three scheduled debates among Democrat candidates for an open White House seat for which Republicans are duking it out regularly? Why is it Democrat debates have been scheduled to air during low viewer times while Republicans seek maximum viewership?

Democrats clearly have decided Hillary Clinton is entitled to the party’s nomination and should not be expected to campaign for it much less defend herself against any strong challengers within her party. It is the only way they have found to take the focus off of her controversial actions with Benghazi, her private email server, and questionable business dealings with world leaders under the disguise of the “Clinton Foundation.” No one is making her answer questions about her amassing $45 million dollars in wealth while working as a “public servant” who claims to be in touch with the struggling middle and lower classes.

Say what you want to about the GOP and their having to deal with the controversial Donald Trump as their possible choice in next year’s election. If he is their nominee, it will be because GOP voters were given a choice to learn plenty about more than a dozen candidates and believe he is the best choice to represent them. However, Hillary’s supporters will bask in their having forced a candidate on their party without her having to face any real challenges along the way.

If Hillary does become the next POTUS, does she really believe she will be entitled to a free pass from the media and voting public? You bet she does. No candidate from either party has as little regard for the voting process as Hillary Clinton. No candidate will go as far as she and her “team” will to destroy anyone who stands in her way. No person running will bring as much secrecy and disdain for the law as Hillary will.

Clinton’s positions on the issues are irrelevant because she, more than any other candidate, learned from the master, her husband, how to lick a finger and raise it up to see what direction the wind is blowing. There will never be anything like taking a stand based on what she believes in because she only believes in anything and everything that is popular with the voter.

Worse, she lacks the ability to fake any level of empathy, something her husband was a master at doing. Can you really see her feeling the pain of others who experience tragedy like those in San Bernardino are feeling? She is a cold and calculated person who will do anything to get what she wants and crush anyone who stands up to her. This is a trait far worse than Obama’s use of executive action and is more along the lines of what we witnessed with Tricky Dick Nixon than with any other president.

Yes, I will admit I cannot stand Hillary Clinton. I am okay with being perfectly transparent about my level of distrust and disgust for her. She, on the other hand, is about as transparent as the Iranian government and is not any more trustworthy as them as well.

So try to forget Hillary Clinton as possibly the first female elected president. Try to forget Hillary Clinton as a Democrat who was a big part of the Obama administration’s first term. Try to forget Hillary Clinton as Bill’s first lady. See her for what she is: a cold, ruthless politician in the worst sense because if you do not see her in this light, I guarantee you will never forget what she does as president no matter how hard you try.