Hillary Clinton: Stupidity is part of her plan

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Elected leaders love to yak about all that is wrong with our education system. They refer to study after study showing our children falling further and further behind the rest of the world and then demand to see improvement. No matter what we do, whether it is “No Child Left Behind,” “Common Core,” or free tuition to attend community college, our leaders can not come up with a fix to what appears to be our increasing stupidity. What they fail to consider is the possibility the problem might lie in the fixers and not the fix. In other words, maybe it is our elected leaders that have fallen behind the rest of the world and they are nothing more than a reflection of our failing schools.

This brings me to Hillary Clinton. A recent poll showed 51 percent of the nation believes she has done something seriously wrong in regards to her email fiasco, while 48 percent believe the matter is no big deal. Another poll shows 50 percent of the country believes she cannot be trusted while the other half … well, I am sure you can figure it out.

Hillary Clinton is a very bright person who makes a point of surrounding herself with very bright people. Together, they have come to the conclusion most Americans are stupid and will end up electing her president in 2016. How’s that for a campaign strategy? Forget splitting the country between red and blue, rich or poor, young or old, or male and female. Clinton is splitting us based on our intelligence and she is convinced she will win based on overwhelming support from the “dumb vote.”

Just based on her current email scandal and her attempts at explaining it away, we see how the simple-minded have embraced her explanation while the intelligent either hammer away at her (Republicans with half a brain) or worry she may have blown her election chances (Democrats who have invested too much into one candidate). It’s clear Clinton chose not to follow government policy when it came to her use of email as Secretary of State. It’s also clear she feels the simple-minded Americans who she feels makes up a majority of our population will see it as no big deal. The fact is, this is a big deal because it shows just how little Hillary thinks of the law and how it applies to her just as it does to all other government employees.

Only a stupid person will be satisfied with her statement, “Trust me,” or her claim she did not want to be bothered carrying two phones and maintaining two email accounts. A stupid person will stick with her when she tells us she handed over 50,000 pages of emails because she believes in transparency. However, the intelligent person wants to know why she did not provide an electronic copy to make that transparency much easier to check, or simply hand over her private server she used to maintain her email.

Hillary Clinton email?
Hillary Clinton email?

Clinton also explained she tossed out over 30,000 emails that were deemed personal, including private emails to her husband, daughter, and friends. This sounds perfectly reasonable to the gullible, but the intelligent want to know why she decided what was and was not personal when it was not her decision to legally make.

Why use her husband, Bill, as an example when he claims to have only sent two emails in his entire life, neither of which were to Hillary? Doesn’t it seem odd that someone who was once so outspoken over the secrecy behind the emails former President George W. Bush did not make public would be just as secretive about her own? She could hand over her server but she is too smart to do that without a court order. And back to her phone. Really,just one phone? Why then did she go on television prior to her explanation and tell people she owns and uses two smart phones? That was not a smart thing to do.

The stupid will believe her when she says she is being unfairly treated by the press when in reality, she is the one who is expecting unfair treatment. She believes she is entitled to live by a different set of rules and has no problem banking her political future on the premise most voters are dumb enough to buy her argument. And all of this is over her emails.

What happens when there are gaping holes in her account of what happened at Benghazi? How about all that money she has taken from very wealthy and powerful foreign donors, many of whom are leaders of very repressive governments? Are we dumb enough to believe her when she says, “Trust me?” Wasn’t that a line once used in a popular series of commercials in which a sleazy pitchman asked us to trust him?

But like I said earlier, Hillary is a very smart person who surrounds herself with smart people. She knows just how dumb leaders of the Republican Party are and knows they will continue to do stupid things over the next two years when it comes to proposing legislation or creating a party platform that even the dumbest voters will see through. 2016 will not only determine who our next president is, it will also determine whether or not we are indeed a nation whose majority has willingly accepted their own ignorance and placed their future in the hands of someone smart enough to keep her explanations simple and easily understood while the decreasing intelligent voter is left scratching their head and wondering where it all went wrong.