Impeachable, debatable, and mostly forgetful thoughts

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Those car horns I hear are not people honking with joy over Trump’s impeachment. They’re just pissed off shoppers trying to get home after trying to squeeze what little is left of their paychecks into something called Christmas presents for loved ones.

What does Trump’s impeachment mean to him and the nation? For the most part, nothing. You see, when our schools have stopped emphasizing mastering our history, we tend to not give a rip about things like number 45 becoming just the third president impeached. It might mean something if we had a leader who could spell impeach and know what it means. Instead, we have elected a twit who tweets crap like a teenager, giving hope to his supporters who think nothing of his adolescent behavior.

So Trump goes on trial, provided Nancy decides to send his case onto the Senate and Mitch decides whether to host a one, two, or three ring circus and call it justice. It’s a big decision and Mitch will let us know what he decides just as soon as he consults with Trump. Mitch would like this to be done, but Donny smells TV ratings and more attention like a dog sniffs butts. He can’t help himself.

President Donald Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky

While this goes on, the blandest bunch of Democrats are running for their party’s nomination with the idea they will unseat Trump. This time, they not only have to convince Americans to vote against the dark side, they have to convince Russians to do the same. This is not going to happen when Vlad is the only world leader to come out and support his boy over his impeachment. Democrats’ only real hope is to convince the Chinese to vote out Trump so we can end our trade war with them.

Trump has a dilemma on his hands. How does he tweet, testify, and tee up golf balls with all that is going on? There are dead people to make fun of, living people to crush, and palms to grease. He hasn’t fired anyone of late and you know how much he loves doing this. The pressure has to be getting to him. Fortunately, he convinced his doctor to sign off and tell the world he is the fittest president ever (Erase the a and replace it with an i or you are fired).

We need distractions to take our minds off of the “yuge” one in the Oval Office. The Patriots are cheating again and no one cares or is surprised. Star Wars is back in theaters, but then isn’t it a law that one of the films is always showing? The red carpets are heating up, Survivor had a groper, and some guy is getting paid over $300 million dollars to throw a baseball every fifth game.  No one cares. At least not on a large scale level to the point we can talk about it while we text back and forth with friends we never see.

The year, the decade, and for all we know, the world is coming to an end and all we can do is muster up enough energy to post a photo of the latest great meal we had. We insist on not being offended, having our three feet of space respected, and being allowed to do whatever we want without consequence because why should we be expected to act like we want others to act around us?

Wear a t-shirt that tells the world you support a cause you know nothing about. Replace your plastic straws with a metal one while drinking your diet soda from a plastic cup covered with a plastic lid that will end up in a plastic filled landfill where a homeless encampment has been set up.

Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA)

Post something about how great life was back in the day when civil rights and voting rights were ignored. Tell us about how much better off we were when we learned to write in cursive instead of how to use a computer. Let us know how young folks are missing out on life all because we have removed swing sets from schools. Remind us how well-mannered we were at a time people were burning crosses, lynching people because of their skin color, and living in fear of dad taking us to the wood shed for discipline.

What choices do we have that will give us hope for better days to come? A former vice president whose best days seem behind him? A couple of billionaires who claim to be for the common person? A woman who posts a video of her singing a John Lennon song even though he has been dead longer than she has been on this earth? An old left leaning guy who seems a little too concerned about the reduction of minor league baseball teams? Or a left leaning woman whose connection with native Americans will be an issue more than her positions on issues?

What will be Trump’s encore? Will he be impeached a second time if reelected? Will the 39 to 43 percent of the nation that votes for him continue thinking math means they represent the majority of the nation?  Will Trump’s inauguration outdo his first one or will he have to outsource attendees from Russia?

All I know for sure is this would not be a bad time to be Rip Van Winkle. If there is only so much bullshit a person can take, how much before a nation collapses under the weight of its own refuse we call leadership?

Will someone please wake me up on the Wednesday morning after the 2024 election?

Photos are YouTube screenshots
Top photo: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)