Jonathan Levin Philadelphia – What makes him such a great journalist?

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In my view without Jonathan Levin Philadelphia news just wouldn’t be the same and over the years he has produced some of the most brilliant pieces of journalism that I have seen. I first learned about Jonathan after he produced a brilliant expose for a small local newspaper, and ever since then I have followed his work. Much like myself Jonathan often comments on how he was one of the misfits in school and this is why he became a serial writer, to insulate himself somewhat. I thoroughly enjoy his writing style and these are the reasons why for me, he should be considered a great journalist.


Jonathan has the same desire to get to the truth of an issue that an attorney would have, focused on facts alone and ensuring that he balances all sides of an argument. This is something which I believe is lacking in many news stories, especially in this era of ‘fake news’ which we are seeing more increasingly. I have spoken to Jonathan about this and for him, unless he gets to the bottom of a story, he won’t publish it.

Writing Style

There is something very different about the way in which Jonathan writes and this is another reason why he should be considered a great journalist. Jonathan often tweaks his style based on the piece he is working on and whether he is talking about the success of private equity funds or failure of the welfare system, the style is adapted to best deliver the story. Generally speaking, Jonathan writes in a quirky and direct manner and it really helps to reinforce the story which he is telling.


Unlike in the case of many journalists Jonathan rarely hammers home his own opinion and even when he does write opinion pieces, he will do so in a balanced and fact-driven way. This is what we should expect from our journalists, that when they need to deliver the news they do just that, and when they offer an opinion that it is backed up and well thought out. Jonathan doesn’t push agendas and he is incredibly bipartisan in his views and his delivery. News should be presented to us in order for us to make up our own minds and this is something which Jonathan Levin does perfectly.

Home Town

Jonathan is born and raised in Philadelphia if you’ll excuse the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air inspiration, and he has always shown his love for his own city. What this means is that his writing is incredibly believable and it is clear just how much he cares about what is going on in his home town. The result of this is that his stories come from a place of integrity and of passion, and for the reader, it gives us reason to buy into what he is telling us.

Any would-be journalist should study how Jonathan has gone about his work and be seek to imitate what he has done.