June letters to Jim: Coronavirus and demonstrations across America

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Wow!  There is a lot going on and the mail this month is filled with questions and concerns about a variety of issues.

Dear Jim,

It appears as though the nation is going to move ahead and open up more of the economy. I am not so sure this is a good idea. What are your thoughts on the subject?

Thanks. Locked Down and Happy

Dear LD&H,

There is a big reason why the economy is opening up further that goes beyond Trump’s re-election concerns, the loss of income to average citizens, and the need for billionaires to keep raking in profits. It’s called riots.

Dreaming of going to Huntington Beach? (Claudia Gestro)

If you examine a history of some of America’s worst riots, there is a correlation between them and summer. It seems heat makes Americans go batshit crazy. Toss in political conventions, a lack of groceries on shelves, and 100 million gun owners with 300 million guns feeling fed up and you have a recipe for some serious shit to go down.

It hasn’t even gotten hot yet and look at the events going on all over the country after the killing of George Floyd. Throw in another four to eight weeks of lock down with a heat wave and the response to his murder would have been ten times worse.

Now, make people return to work knowing if they don’t, they lose their unemployment benefits and become too tired at the end of the work day to do anything but pop a cold brew and sit in front of the AC or a fan and call it a day. The ballgame they watch on TV may be played in an empty stadium and they won’t even notice.

If a second wave of coronavirus strikes, who cares?  By then, much of the nation will have been brainwashed into thinking this is all the fault of China and we will be demanding yet another unwinnable war to make us feel good again

Dear Jim,

You recently wrote about the use of sex dolls to fill the seats of empty stadiums. I am curious how you feel about the use of them for actual sex. What’s worse, the use of sex dolls, sex robots, or sex workers to soothe a man’s desires? Thanks. A Sexually Curious Guy

Dear SCG,

Wow! You have given me much to think about. First, let me distinguish between an actual sex worker and sex slave. A sex worker is a person who sees nothing wrong with making a living servicing the needs of others and does so willingly. A sex slave is a person forced into a life of servicing others against their will. Slavery in any form is wrong and should be banned at any cost.

YouTube screenshot of the South Korean soccer match with blow up dolls in stands (YouTube)

Since I do not have any statistics available for any of my online porn sites, let me do what our current government does and make some up to better answer your main question. Ninety-six percent of sex workers enjoy earning a living where they can lay around and lie to men about how big they are and what marvelous lovers they make. Eighty-four percent like the tips they receive and ninety-eight percent like knowing all their income is tax free (seems they rather enjoy screwing Uncle Sam). Only four percent claim they would leave their job to pursue their career of choice, rocket science, but would have a hard time knowing doing so would mean giving up wearing hooker boots.

Hiring a sex worker can be expensive so in their place, many desperate men turn to sex dolls and robots, primarily because their hot looking neighbor up the street thinks they are creeps. I will admit, one lonely summer between my junior and senior years in high school, I attempted to make my own sex doll out of some swimming pool noodles, a beach ball, and a pair of gardening gloves. When busted by my parents, I had a hard time explaining to them why I was lying face down on top of it in the pool without my swimsuit. They didn’t buy my excuse of suffering from heat stroke and I ended up having to buy my mom a new pair of gloves before being shipped me off to live with an Uncle for the summer. Turns out sex dolls are for the truly desperate.

I have no idea how a sex robot works. That same summer with my sex doll was the year the first Star Wars was released. I couldn’t imagine having sex with R2D2 or C3PO. Today, while I enjoy watching our Roomba clean the house, I do not get turned on by it. What I do know is 73% of Roomba’s polled said they prefer life enslaved as a cleaner that being converted into a sex robot (Youtube has instructional videos according to my editor, Tim Forkes). An even higher number, 85% claim they would prefer being a sex robot over being forced into a life of kill or be killed as a Battle Bot.

After writing a page answering your question, like I was when I was a teen, I am totally confused about sex dolls, sex robots, and sex workers. I suppose whatever floats your boat and brings no harm to any person, animal, doll or robot is fine. Just don’t tell me about your exploits. I am a bit of a prude when it comes to talking about sex.

Maybe we can get the vaccine at our local pharmacies, like the ones in grocery store (Claudia Gestro)

Dear JIm,

A recent poll said 40% of Republicans believe Bill Gates would use a vaccine for COVID-19 to track the whereabouts of people. Is this the height of conspiracy stupidity or should I be worried? Thanks. A Confused Fan

Dear Confused,

There is a lot to be worried about such a claim. Just remember, the 40% of Republican voters who believe this also believe they are the chosen ones and think the rest of the nation should not be allowed to vote in November. There is a very deep dark state out there, somewhere between Alabama and Kentucky, lying in wait to swallow up the enlightened. They will stop at nothing to destroy this nation and it is the duty of the chosen ones to ensure our survival, even if it means stomping on and burning the Constitution to keep their messiah in office for another four years.

We all know Bill Gates is about as evil as they come. He is known as the Darth Vader of Billionaires who hides behind thick lens glasses while he converts more Americans to the dark side, or as we know it better as the Democratic Party.

Fortunately, our president has his son junior, or better known as Luke Trumptalker, leading the front lines of defense with the help of his good pal Hans Kirshner and his gal Princess Ivanka. They are the last bastion of patriotism we can count on and it is vital they are protected and survive, even at the cost of our own lives. Together, they can be counted on to defeat the likes of Darth Biden, Jaba the Sanders, and a host of liberal clad enemies.

Dear Jim,

Any worries about POTUS shutting down social media platforms after he was censored by Twitter? Isn’t this a free speech issue and doesn’t he have rights like the rest of us? A Concerned Free Speech Defender

Dear Concerned,

We slightly modified this YouTube screenshot of President Trump holding a Bible upside down in front of a church he never attends

Free speech is a constitutional right for all citizens to be protected from government infringement. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets are not government and as such have a right to put into place their own standards and practices. If Trump or anyone else fails to live up to them, companies like Twitter are legally protected by the First Amendment to censor him. It’s like a business posting a sign saying “No shoes, no shirt, no service.” You may feel it is your right to walk around in public buck naked, but a business has a right to tell you that you are not welcome (At least that is what the cops who arrested me that lonely summer said).

All Twitter did was tell Trump he is not welcome to post lies without them being pointed out as factually inaccurate statements. This is nothing more than Donny the brat demonstrating his bark is worse than his bite. He will sign a meaningless executive order that carries no weight and hope Twitter caves. He can’t even take his Twitter account home and refuse to play because where else is he going to go to get 80 million followers?

Trump should be worried because in an election year, his lies and other shortcomings are going to be pointed out more in an attempt to convince voters it is time for a change in leadership.

Dear Jim,

Why is it a problem to vote by mail now, but it wasn’t a problem four years ago? Thanks. Scratching My Head

Dear Head Scratcher,

It’s not a problem, especially if you are the president or one of the many people on his team who rail against voting by mail despite doing so themselves for decades. What is a problem is the seed he is planting when his reelection goes down in a ball of flames. He wants his gun toting, mouth breathing, southern flag waving fans to hit the streets and protest the results. Trump thrives on pushing buttons and creating chaos, perhaps the only two things he is good at.

This is why if you go back to what I wrote about in 2016 as the most important issue of that election you will find I wrote the winner would be able to stack the courts in their favor. The ultimate prize for Trump was reshaping the Supreme Court which could be left to decide the validity of a 2020 election that Trump claims was rigged.

Dear Jim,

There is no excuse for why George Floyd was murdered by a cop while other cops watched and did nothing. Does the manner in which he was murdered justify the rioting that followed? Is there a better way for people to respond? Thanks. Fed Up

Dear Fed Up,

I will answer this final question with a few thoughts. I agree, there was no reason for a man armed with a pen and check book to die in the presence of men in blue armed with guns, tasers, and clubs. He was not a threat. I think mass demonstrations are a great form of free speech, but the problem is it brings on a mob mentality where anger spills over to violence. This violence feeds Trump who can’t help himself by encouraging MAGA supporters to counter protest.

Social media meme

The best thing Americans can do is begin holding the guilty accountable and putting in place leaders at all levels who see all men, women, and children as equals. This requires more than just voting. It requires vigilance and holding our elected officials to their word rather than just casting a vote and thinking you have done your part. It means taking the time to get to know people who are different to understand the challenges they face because they may not fall into a norm. It requires a load of self-examination so you can see how you are part of the problem in ways you never thought of before and setting about to change.

Racists are simple minded people who literally see the world in terms of black or white. They cannot grasp how humans can be different let alone respect their differences. Their solutions to these differences are also simple, barbaric, and ignore the laws of human rights.

While it is not easy, it is vital to honor the likes of people of peace like Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi and not give into the violence by becoming equally violent. We must remain constant examples of people who love, respect, and honor and remain hopeful we serve as an option of how we can be for the children raised in racist homes and communities. Our actions must match our words, otherwise, we become hypocrites.

It may seem like a lot of work, but ask yourself, would you prefer to do this kind of work or the kind it takes to literally rebuild communities destroyed by violent demonstrations?

Until next month, be safe, be kind, and be mindful of the challenges others face at a time when we are led by the self-absorbed.