Kardashians keep America Stupid

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Stop the presses! The Kardashians were in a car accident. Forget the lead story about global warming, it can wait. Move the president and ISIS to page two. Cut back the investigative piece on the Clinton finances and hold off on the controversial statements by Rudy Giuliani. The Kardashian girls have been in a car accident.

So what if it was a minor one. Kim was in the car and she could have been killed. Khloe was driving and we can only wonder whether or not her brush with death is enough to reunite her with Lamar (Odom). And was it a coincidence that little baby North West was with them when the accident took place in the north west state of Montana? Were they discussing safe sex practices and the importance of not posting sex videos of Kylie or were they just enjoying a good laugh over Kanye’s latest Grammy Award nonsense? This is NEWS and everything else will just have to wait.

America has officially jumped the shark and will never make it back to the top again because we have allowed ourselves to care more about a family of attention whores than we do about the state of our nation. And guess what, our politicians and wealthy corporate leaders couldn’t be happier and they have no desire to change this trend. America’s ignorance is bliss to these people because it has allowed them to manipulate us into beings of wants and desires that add to their wealth and power while we mindlessly pass through this world wanting to know more, buy more, and worship more of the worthlessness than the greediest person could have ever imagined.

We have handed over our wallets and future to the ruling powers; worse, we have handed them our intellect. We have allowed Apple, Verizon, Microsoft, and most of all, Wall Street, to convince us the life of “reality stars” A) are real; B) actually matter; and C) are worth patterning our lives after.

By buying into the lives of a worthless family who inherited their wealth from a man who must be throwing up in his grave, we have all, rich and poor, young and old, educated and uneducated, proven that we, as a nation, will sink to the lowest depths possible and enjoy the ride while raped of our intellect. ISIS has nothing to worry about because at the rate we are sinking, we will be too engrossed in the drama exemplified by America’s First Family For Life, the Kardashians, to do anything about an outside threat to our national security.

Americans sympathize with Kris Jenner because someone hacked her iCloud and now has a copy of a film showing her naked (I think I just threw up in my mouth), and think, “OMG. That could have been my naked film that was hacked.” I am telling you, we are finished as a country and might as well just open up our borders and give ourselves away to Mexico or any group of drug lords that want us.

Recently I was involved in a Facebook discussion with some people who were saying not to vote for Jeb Bush because he would be no different that his brother if elected president. They said this was why they were voting for Hillary Clinton. First, I had to remind them that neither was officially a candidate for president, to which I had some disagree with me. Then I pointed out that based on their logic, they can assume Hillary will have an affair with an intern if she is elected president because that was what Bill did. I then received one comment telling me Bill never had an affair and another wondering who Bill was and why was he having an affair in the White House. Ron White is correct when he says, “You can’t fix stupid.” We can only wait it out and hope it dies off quickly, probably from not being properly vaccinated.

Meanwhile, it is just a matter of time before the stupid win the White House. It might be a conservative who claims his opponent is not a citizen, hates America, and is not a Christian. Then again, it could be a liberal who believes no one should have to pay for any services, that illegal citizens should have the same rights as legal ones, and that all our foreign enemies will become our friends as soon as we find jobs for them.

I only hope and pray this rant of mine makes a difference and begins a movement in our nation that sees an end to all this nonsense. But who am I fooling? This rant will only see the light of day when, if by chance, a day passes in which no one in the Kardashian clan creates a headline. However, that is about as likely to happen as the sun not rising.