Kirk Taylor joins cast of ‘Too Numb to Lie Down’

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BURBANK, CA  Kirk Taylor, who played Private Payback in the 1987 Oscar nominated film Full Metal Jacket has been promoted to the rank of Colonel in the film Too Numb to Lie Down currently in preproduction. He will play the role of Colonel John Strong, the Commanding Officer of Marine Aircraft Group 12 in Chu Lai, Vietnam in 1966 and 1967.

Too Numb to Lie Down is based on the book 51-50 the Book written by Marine Corps and Vietnam veteran Ron Irwin. It is a tale of a bizarre chain of events that take the young man from infatuation with a book of Haiku Japanese poetry to the shock of being told by a Marine Corps General on his 3rd to last day in Vietnam that he, the General did not know why they were in Vietnam. That revelation propelled the young Corporal Irwin into the depths of despair and numbness that caused him to engage in some unbelievable but riveting and absolutely true behavior that almost took his life.

Kirk Taylor’s character Colonel John Strong is an extremely competent and dedicated Marine Corps officer devoted to doing everything he can to keep his men alive. Taylor’s preparation for his role in Full Metal Jacket gave him the perfect tools and understanding for this new role.

The target date for release of Too Numb to Lie Down is late 2020.

Top photo is a YouTube screenshot from the film “Full Metal Jacket”