Margarita Howard Elevates HX5 in the Government Sector

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Margarita Howard’s leadership has been instrumental in positioning HX5 as a notable entity within the government sector. As the sole owner, CEO, and president of the company, her strategic insights and understanding of the intricacies of government contracting have paved the way for success.

HX5, as part of its overall business strategy, has won some substantial prime contracts for its size, and just as importantly, has pursued and been awarded key subcontracts in support of large business prime contracts. “We have large businesses as our subcontractors, and we’re very good subcontractors as well,” says Howard. “For example, we have been awarded a Subcontractor of the Year award from one of our large business prime contract teaming partners in recognition of our outstanding performance as a subcontractor on their program, and also received from NASA, under their Small Business Industry Awards program, the Mentor-Protege of the Year award (in conjunction with our large business prime teaming partner).”

A profound understanding of the government procurement process is at the core of the company’s success under Margarita Howard‘s leadership. Howard has steered the business through the competitive landscape of government contracting by emphasizing the importance of aligning the company’s capabilities with government clients’ specific needs and challenges.

“The government procurement processes are often lengthy and can certainly change, which can lead to delays in contract awards and payments. We learned this very early on and had to quickly develop realistic timelines and budget projections and establish contingency plans to manage cash flow and other operational challenges during what ended up often being extended procurement periods,” says Howard.

She continues, “In the beginning, as a small startup company, we had limited past performance history in government contracting, and that can present a real struggle for companies trying to win their first contract. Many government procurements will often prioritize contractors with proven track records of previous performance.”

HX5: Differentiation Amid Competition


Competition is a challenge. “Government contracting is highly competitive, with many companies vying for the same contracts. To overcome this challenge, the firm had to differentiate itself by highlighting our unique capabilities, our successful past performances, and the overall value proposition we can provide for our customers,” says Margarita Howard. “This is not a unique approach by any means. All companies that are successful at government contracting have to be competitive and successful in these areas.”

She places significant emphasis on building solid relationships with government procurement officers, prime contractors, and other key industry stakeholders. “Learning from others’ experiences can provide very valuable insights and guidance,” Howard notes. These relationships are vital, providing HX5 with deeper insights into government needs and facilitating the tailoring of proposals to effectively meet these needs.

The company attributes its stellar track record in securing contracts to its comprehensive approach to strategic business development. Under Howard’s guidance, the firm meticulously prepares bids that meet the government’s specified requirements and showcase the company’s capacity to execute the work successfully. This attention to detail in proposal development has been a critical factor in its ability to win contracts, marking its prowess as a prime contractor.

Margarita Howard on Performance and Compliance Post-Contract Award

Beyond winning contracts, Howard emphasizes the importance of exemplary performance and strict compliance with contractual obligations. Adhering to these principles has enabled the company to maintain a favorable standing for future opportunities, underscoring the importance of reliable and consistent successful performance in government contracting.

“When competing for government professional service contracts, it’s essential to adhere to all compliance and regulatory requirements spelled out in the solicitation/contract,” says Margarita Howard. “Ultimately, the main ones focus on ensuring eligibility, transparency, and ethical conduct.

“For example, it may require that you ensure that your business is registered with a specific government agency database specific to the requirements of the solicitation. Also, having the business registered in the System for Award Management database is essential.”

Howard continues, “Some contracts or solicitations may require prequalification or certification from specific agencies or industry associations. Depending on the type of work to be done and the location of the work to be performed, a company needs to be knowledgeable of the applicable laws, regulations, and policies governing government contracting, including federal and state regulations. These will include such things as labor laws, equal opportunity requirements, anti-discrimination laws, and environmental regulations, to name a few.”

Howard stresses that “maintaining accurate and complete documentation throughout the proposal process, including things like all proposal documents (technical, cost, etc.) and all correspondence with government agencies and teammates, is another important compliance issue that must be understood and managed.”

Several compliance or regulatory items focus on strict adherence to ethical standards and avoiding conflicts of interest. “The company must disclose any actual or potential conflicts of interest to ensure it remains in compliance in its performance of the contract, not only as a prime contractor, but it is equally applicable when performing as a subcontractor,” Howard points out.

“Additionally, depending on the work and proposal requirements, the company must ensure that the business and assigned personnel meet all certification and qualification requirements specified in the solicitation documents and be ready to provide in the proposal evidence of relevant experience, credentials, licenses, and certifications that demonstrate your ability to perform the required services competently.”

She continues, “Ensuring full compliance with all data security and confidentiality compliance requirements and regulations is another key component. The company must protect sensitive information, ensure compliance with data security and confidentiality requirements, take active steps to safeguard confidential information obtained during the procurement process, and adhere to data protection laws and regulations.”

In addition to securing contracts as a prime contractor, HX5 has excelled in taking on subcontractor roles. This diversification strategy, spearheaded by Howard, showcases the enterprise’s ability to adapt and thrive in various capacities within the contracting ecosystem. By demonstrating specialized skills and competitive pricing, the company has successfully complemented the capabilities of prime contractors, further solidifying its industry presence.

Margarita Howard’s leadership has unequivocally elevated HX5 in the government sector. The firm’s achievements reflect Howard’s resilience and strategic insight as a women-owned business in a traditionally male-dominated field. Despite the additional challenges this designation may entail, the company has consistently demonstrated its capability to meet and exceed contract requirements, delivering value irrespective of the company’s ownership status.

Howard’s ability to navigate the complexities of government contracting and her foresight in business diversification and adherence to regulatory standards have solidified HX5’s standing as a reliable partner to the government. As the firm continues to grow, its journey offers valuable insights into the dynamics of success in government contracting.

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