Milena Djanokic: From one mother to a thousand: Exploring the unsung effect of influencers on mothers everywhere

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Over the past decade, a new breed of business-minded individuals has emerged to take online users by storm.  They are called influencers, named after their methods of posting on social media sites to “influence” their followers into buying products and services or subscribing to videos and posts.  Breaking from traditional marketing practices, influencer marketing has become one of the more popular ways for companies to market brands, Milena Djankovic explains.  And, so far, it has been proven to be very successful.

Influencers have provided businesses with a much more affordable alternative compared to established celebrities when it comes to marketing.  The efficiency that influencers have in reaching out and connecting to people through social media platforms is mind-boggling.  Many times, even the most ordinary of people (sometimes even children), can attract thousands of followers and bring millions upon millions of views to their channels and pages.

However, not only do influencers have the pull on a given market for a business; a lot of them have the power to inspire people – which they do.  From fitness to self-care, a great number of influencers put up videos and posts that help people through their lives.  And truth be told, Milena Djankovic notes, influencers truly sound sincere in their messages (not that other influencers do not).

According to Milena Djankovic, influencers can have a huge impact on the lives of mothers everywhere.  Whether a mother stays at home, runs a business, or is busy in her office, she is in a perpetual state of parenthood.  It can even be argued that most mothers have more on their minds than fathers, as far as taking care of the family and running the household go.

And many mothers face the prospect of burning out or crumbling under all the weight of their responsibilities.  This is where influencers show their worth, especially influencers who are mothers as well, mentions Milena Djankovic.

There is a growing number of influencer-moms who feature on their channels and pages many instructional and inspirational videos and posts.  While the obvious benefit mothers reap from these influencer moms is knowledge (the many how-tos of motherhood), there also is a sense of belonging that many mothers feel – especially if these influencers and their followers often engage in conversations with each other on specific platforms, and on a regular basis.

For mothers who feel tired and beaten down by the world, being part of a community put up by an influencer-mom is like being told that they aren’t alone.  And Milena Djankovic notes that this is an exceptionally big thing, especially for moms who feel like they’ve spread themselves too thin.

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