Necessity of Work: Our New Economy

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In our society, there remains a classist perception that some people do not need to work or have become incapable of work due to long term unemployment as a possible and personal matter. Classism, the belief that the rich exist as nothing more than snobs looking down on the poor, must also be considered a fact of the poor stereotyping the rich.

Ford Motor Company assembly line. (YouTube)
Ford Motor Company assembly line.

More and more Americans, doomed to part-time work because of high rates of taxation on all businesses of all sizes, seem to have become freelancers – as a recent study commissioned by the Freelancers Union revealed. It seems to me that this does not exist as a chosen matter. But, instead that people must turn to the work available as rent goes up — as the value of homes drops — such that the owners can afford to be owners.

People like to talk about greed. True, some corporations and people are greedy. These individuals and entities — as corporations pay taxes and might be considered people — accept lavish bonuses as a necessity to maintain talent. Otherwise, we do not see individuals wanting to start their own businesses from these bonuses, all because they know that they would have to pay high enough taxes that would render it impossible to train employees who might not know how to use fancy computer programs, etc.

Public officials, to spur the economy toward growth, must speak and act upon lower taxes and the need for increased competition by virtue of entrepreneurship. But, why lose — I ask the question with irony — the basis for your campaigns? When, of course, corporate donations fund campaigns by both Republicans and Democrats.

By the way, I am loath to capitalize those two words, “Republicans” and “Democrats,” all because those people do not seem proper in any regard. Keep in mind, these opinions of mine emerge not so much from life experience. Instead, they emerge from the fact that mandated job training by business of all sizes — combined with that mandate I would demand a lower rate of business taxation — shall, would and could render our economy as it was in the 1990’s.

Yes, Bill Clinton might have raised taxes — but he also reformed welfare policies. We do need another Democrat in the White House in 2016. The Republican Party seems to demand of its members and elected officials a strict and ignorant supply of support that polarizes any possibility of both social and economic reform.

Otherwise, of all the possible Republicans, only Rob Portman stands out as a plausible winner of the white house. He stands in favor of LGBT equality. But, he would also lower taxes for corporations — even if you, dear reader, have the classist and automatic perception of corporate greed.

Low wage factory workers in Asia cost a fraction of their U.S. counterparts. (YouTube)
Low wage factory workers in Asia cost a fraction of their U.S. counterparts.

The minimum wage can and must be raised — yes. Healthcare should be a matter of national interest – as in Canada or the UK. All of this stands as possible, if we lower rates of taxation through compromise in terms of a moderate in the White House. I do not think, as Newt Gingrich once claimed on Meet the Press, that Jeb Bush against Hillary Clinton can or could be called the Super Bowl of elections. We need a battle between Hillary Clinton and Rob Portman — an Ohio Senator — that rejects the concept of a “political base” to win an election.

We need specific language, not mere rhetoric, which defines the issues as the individual candidates believe in them. We need to challenge ourselves not to become or remain stupid when enamored of somebody’s gender or skin color. In all lives, a certain amount of awe — meaning false and holy respect –— must become self-respect and true intelligence.

Intelligence and curiosity being the same thing.